Boobday, Sinful Sunday

Softly to begin

Soft white lace

Soft red petals

Soft white skin

I look forward to the rough……

Sinful Sunday

the most sinful of sundays

His dripping tip teased her chiffon panties.  The black material coated in his precum as he looked her straight in the eyes.  He knew the effect it had on her as he watched her eyes go from chocolate brown to black.  Her little moans escaping as she arched her back and bit her lip.  Lifting herself to him causing her breasts to spill from the matching bra.  Seeing her nipples hard and aching he had to taste.  He leaned forward and suckled at them in turn.  Little nips and bites as his cock presses hard against her swollen lips.  The thin fabric the only thing stopping him from burying himself balls deep in her.  The need and ache growing in them both.  She tries to reach for him and remembers she’s tied and bound.  Wrists above her head straining to be free.  He looks up at her and smirks as he knows what’s going through her mind.  The red nails flashing with her movement.  She wants them buried in his flesh.  Not tonight.  There will be no fucking tonight.  He crawls off the bed and looks down at her.  His mark all over her flesh.  His precum soaked through to her swollen lips and protruding clit.  Her eyes blazing with lust and desire.  Her bottom lip with visible teeth marks – her own.  He pulls on his jeans and shirt.  His achingly hard cock visible against the denim.  He pulls his shirt on.  His shoes. His jacket.  With one last look at her he smirks, turns and says…..


“I’ll be back for you later My Girl…..dont move….”