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Blood red and alive

Milky white and soft

One marks you

The other craves your markIMG_20170803_212351



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one day

The key in the door makes my heart skip a beat. I know its you. I know why you’re here. You’re here for me. Ive taunted you one too many times and im finally getting what i deserve and need – claimed. For months youve taken my remarks and stored them. I may have laughed at your replies but we both know the time would come when you would stand true to what you said. You said id be yours and you’re here to prove it. I could try and fight it but have you ever tried to fight the inevitable? Have you ever tried to stop something you want? We both know we want this so why bother wasting time. Your footsteps coming up the hallway has my body responding. You aren’t even near me and i crave you. My body craves your touch. Closer. Oh so close. Your hand on the handle of my bedroom door. You’re coming for me. Im ready…..


I jump awake in disappointment. My thoughts messing with me one more time. I lie back and sigh. One day…..



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do you………….?

Do you choose your Sir or does he choose you?

Does your body decide for you or is it your heart and mind?

Is it chemistry or simply “meant to be”?

Whatever it is it’s amazing.  The connection.  The need.  The desire.  The all consuming power simple words have over your body and actions.

Its rare.  Its intense.  Its a world with 2 people where no one else matters.

Cherish it.  Love it.  Let it grow..

Be you Sub or Dom there is always someone out there wanting what you have and maybe even who you have.

Never take it, or them, for granted



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Its amazing.  One word can evoke so many memories.  I was looking at a blog called “Rope Bites” and my mind immediately goes to one of my favourite songs “Love Bites” which leads me to Def Leppard and that leads me to………..well I could go on and on but we’d all get bored!

In the space of about 30 secs my mind ran through so many thoughts and emotions.  Some good, some bad, some wet and rainy and some dark.  Its weird what can come flooding back with something so innocent.  Whats your trigger?  We all have one.  That word or song or phrase that takes us to a time in our life that we thought we were over.  That person.  That moment.  That day or night.  You feel exactly how you felt at that time.  Its like its happening all over again.  Your try to stop it but there it is – front and centre and sucking you in.  It feels like youre drowning in flashbacks.  You cant stop it.  You try to pull yourself out but youre in a whirlpool of memories.  One simple word and youre lost.  What brings you out again? Or do you let it consume you till its played out and youre alone again with nothing till something triggers it?


All because of one word…………….”Bites”


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Reading a few blogs and it seems that’s my 2016 hasn’t been as bad as most so for that I am truly grateful.  Yes my life has changed dramatically in the last 2 weeks but it was inevitable so ive had to accept it and roll with it.  Ive lost but gained loves.  I miss you but then again I always will – I wish you nothing but love, luck and happiness.

To all of those who take the time to read my ramblings – I am truly grateful and thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  I take you all with me into 2017.  Lets rock this fucking year!!!!!

2017 is going to be my year. Im going to do my best to be the best version of me that I can be I know im not perfect and I don’t wish to be but for you I will try.  Failing that I will be as I always am – perfectly imperfect.


See you on the other side xxxx