Random Thoughts, Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday 

Come here

Let me mark you

As mine

As you will me


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Need…or ache? 

What’s the difference between a need and an ache? A need is when I need something. I need food. I need a drink. I need a night out. I need a hug.
An ache….now that’s different. I ache to hear my name being growled. I ache to hear how much you’re going to ravish me. I ache to feel that desire that courses through my veins as you pin me and kiss me so hard I melt beneath you. I ache to feel my flesh being marked to prove to all where you and only you has been. I ache to be devoured

Sinful Sunday

Come Here Baby Girl

He beckons for me to come closer. One hand undoing his belt as the other reaches to me. I drip at the sight of him as I always do. I know what he wants. I know what makes him stand and throb. As hard as I find it to believe….its me. Its me walking towards him knowing my body is always ready to receive him.
I’m His.
My body.
My mind.
My very soul.
He’s all consuming.
Hes everything