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Kink of the week may 1-15 Jeans

Oh where do I begin!! There is something beyond sexy about a man in jeans. He could be standing in just a pair of jeans hanging off his hips and nothing else and I’d want to ravish him. I have no idea why though. I hate skinny jeans on a man. They look like bad leggings. Give me old skool dark jeans and I’m a happy woman. Through in a belt and I’m in heaven…..

As for me in jeans….very very rare!! Have a pair of jeggings but that’s about it tbh. I’d rather have him than me in them
Added 24hrs later…

I feel like I should add this

A man walked into my work today in his biker leathers…..I know it isn’t jeans but I feel the need to say that I wanted to drop to my knees and thank the lord they were invented!! I felt my insides melt and the need to let him do very bad things to me!! He looked deliciously devilish *giggles*

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Need…or ache? 

What’s the difference between a need and an ache? A need is when I need something. I need food. I need a drink. I need a night out. I need a hug.
An ache….now that’s different. I ache to hear my name being growled. I ache to hear how much you’re going to ravish me. I ache to feel that desire that courses through my veins as you pin me and kiss me so hard I melt beneath you. I ache to feel my flesh being marked to prove to all where you and only you has been. I ache to be devoured


This or That

This or That?
1 – Lights on or off?

Oh def off as I don’t want my fat bits being seen to be flopping around

2 – Slow teasing or getting right to business?

It depends on the mood – I LOVE have to have you now sex but I also love being teased. Time and place determines the length of time

3 – Giver or receiver?

I’m a giver of pleasure. If I get it then its a bonus

4 – Background noise or no?

Yes – I love music

5 – Top or bottom?

Hmmmm I’ll take it any way I can get it 😉

6 – Private or public?

Done both. Private is def more fun but public can be such a turn on. 
Bonus – Describe your best or worst sexual encounter. Double bonus if you describe both. 

Worst – losing my virginity

Best – it has to be a kiss. Fuck there nothing like a kiss that just crawls under your skin and stays there

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one day

The key in the door makes my heart skip a beat. I know its you. I know why you’re here. You’re here for me. Ive taunted you one too many times and im finally getting what i deserve and need – claimed. For months youve taken my remarks and stored them. I may have laughed at your replies but we both know the time would come when you would stand true to what you said. You said id be yours and you’re here to prove it. I could try and fight it but have you ever tried to fight the inevitable? Have you ever tried to stop something you want? We both know we want this so why bother wasting time. Your footsteps coming up the hallway has my body responding. You aren’t even near me and i crave you. My body craves your touch. Closer. Oh so close. Your hand on the handle of my bedroom door. You’re coming for me. Im ready…..


I jump awake in disappointment. My thoughts messing with me one more time. I lie back and sigh. One day…..