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Need…or ache? 

What’s the difference between a need and an ache? A need is when I need something. I need food. I need a drink. I need a night out. I need a hug.
An ache….now that’s different. I ache to hear my name being growled. I ache to hear how much you’re going to ravish me. I ache to feel that desire that courses through my veins as you pin me and kiss me so hard I melt beneath you. I ache to feel my flesh being marked to prove to all where you and only you has been. I ache to be devoured

Wicked Wednesday

Works both ways?

I need you. I need to feel your body tense as my nails dance over your skin. I need to have you growl as my mark appears on your skin. Slowly. Oh so slowly. There’s no rush. Nail slicing through your pink.

Now I know as a sub I should be the one being marked but if I am yours doesn’t that make you mine? Do I not get the satisfaction of seeing my mark on you? Knowing someone could see it and you have that look saying “my girl done this to me”. Then there is the fun where I marked you so you mark me. A little bite. A little nibble. A little taste. Fingers sinking into my flesh. Teeth on my collarbone. That’s one I only found recently. Fuck it drives me wild. Animalistic passion kicks in with that one. My body loses what little control I had. I do believe its the only thing thats brought me close to begging……

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Lying in my bed I hear the rain hitting my window. I know its strange but I do love that sound. Its surprisingly peaceful. Nice and cosy, all wrapped up and the next thing I know the dog is letting out an almighty bark! Scares me half to death. “Whats wrong?” I enquire as though hes going to answer me. He jumps from the bed and heads to the top of the stairs. Hes still growling low in his throat and I know im going to have to get up to see what hes barking at. I slip out of bed and put on my slippers and follow him. I see on the digital clock that its just after 1am. This better be damn god I think to myself as im off tomorrow and I dont want to spend the day sleepy! Hes still growling as I get to the stairs and I look outside the window. I see nothing and I walk down the stairs. Damn its cold and ive forgotten to put on my housecoat. I get to the bottom of the stairs and I hear the noise thats making my pup growl. Its a banging and its coming from next door! My neighbour is someone I haven’t had contact with yet as hes only recently moved in and I havent met him one-to-one. Ive only seen him coming in and out of the house. I put the light on and head towards the heating. Switching it on I put the kettle on as well – may as well get double heat. Pup has followed me and is standing at the back door so I let him out. If he bites him the he shouldn’t be in my garden anyway! I walk back to the kitchen and leave the door open a little so that pup can run in when hes done. I can still hear the banging as I sit down at the table and I dont know what to do. Should I go and complain but then again I dont want to be the first meeting with me complaining! Ill sit and wait it out. Hopefully it wont be too much longer. I turn on the radio in a hope to drown it out and sit back dowm. Im lost in my own wee world when all of a sudden theres a knock at the door!!! I jump and spill my tea. God dammit!! “Who is it??” I bark as I lean for the towel. The door opens a little and I see its my neighbour with my dog. “Erm hi, sorry, but your dog wandered into my house” he replies. I just stand there. He is….delicious. Well over 6ft, dark hair cut in close, trimmed beard and eyes that could melt anything. Although those eyes are currently dancing with laughter and I realise I must look ridiculous! Standing in my kitchen in a short nightie, hair everywhere, tea dripping off the table and me with a towel in my hand. My pup runs towards me without a care in the world and I scowl at him. He runs around my feet and I smile as he jumps up to get petted. I scratch his ear as I look back at my neighbour. “Im so sorry I dont know how he got out!” I say as the man continues to stare although there’s no longer laughter in his eyes – its something different I cant put my finger on. “He must have gotten through a hole in the fence” he says in a low voice “ill mend it tomorrow” and he turns to leave. “Would you like some tea?” I ask quickly and he turns back around. “yeah sure” he says and I motion towards the table. I set about cleaning up the previous mess as my pup dances around his feet and he pets him. I make the tea and sit down opposite him. I discover his name is Owen and he moved in when him and his wife divorced. No kids but she got the house. I tell him my name is Sally and ive lived here for a few years. Tell him its a nice quiet neighbourhood, never any trouble and hopefully he’ll enjoy it. “Im sorry for the noise” Owen says “theres  of damp and I need to get rid of it”. “oh no its ok” I stutter “im off tomorrow anyway” and give a short laugh not wanting him to know that 30 mins ago I was cursing him upside down! I realise the tea is finished and he gets up to go. “To apologise for the racket how about dinner tomorrow?” he says and I look up at him. How can I say no to those gorgeous eyes!? “yeah sure what time?” I say and we decide on 4.30. He leaves and I lock up and go to bed. I lie for a while before falling over but when I do I dream of those eyes.

I wake at 11.30am and jump out of bed. I manage to get downstairs and I feed pup and let him out again and watch him. He heads straight for the hole into the next garden and I shout. Owen pops out of his back door and I smile. “Its ok” he shouts “just leave him”. I laugh and shout on pup again. He comes toddling towards me and finally gets in the house. I spend the day doing what I had to do yet always watching the time. I bath and get dressed. He says dinner but didnt say where so I just put on a shirt, skirt and boots. I hear the door chap at dead on 4.30 and I pull on my jacket and answer. Owen is standing looking even more delicious. Hes wearing dark trousers, shirt and jacket. “You ready?” he enquires and I reply that I am and we leave. As I walk up the path Owen says “We’ll take my car”. I nod in agreement and head towards him. I get in the car and he starts off. We talk about music and movies – the usual stuff and I ask where we’re going. “I was thinking a little pub I know altho it takes around an hour is that ok?” More time alone with him – why yes I have no problem with that! “Of course” I say and smile. He puts the radio on and I sit back and enjoy the journey. We head up north and its beautiful. The scenery is outstanding and I watch it pass us by. Before I know it he pulls up to this gorgeous little quaint pub. He parks and I look at the time. Nearly 5.30 – I didnt even notice the time passing. I tell him ive never been here before and he says he knows it well. Does great food and has brilliant live bands at the weekends. “How do you get home after a night out?” I joke and he tells me its also a b&b so tends to stay over. We walk inside and its lovely. We pick a booth in the corner and sit down opposite each other. We order food and I have a glass of wine. We start chatting as we wait on the food arriving and then the chef comes out. “Hey boss” he shouts and I spin around to see who hes speaking to and realise its Owen! He owns this pub! Why didnt he say!? I look at him enquiringly and he has the cheek to blush. He greets the chef and they catch up on business as I sit and drink my wine. When he leaves Owen turns to me and I just look at him…waiting. “Im sorry…again” he says and I cant help but smile. “Why didnt you tell me??” I say and he just shrugs. “I didnt want you thinking I was showing off” he says and I laugh. “Its ok and if this was mine id be showing off!” and he smiles. The food arrives and we tuck in. Its beautiful and he orders another drink for me. I refuse as I dont like drinking alone. He explains that theres a band later tonight and we could stay and have a few drinks then stay over. By now its after 6.30 and I think why not, its been a while since I had a night out so I say ok and he orders a bottle of wine. The pub is filling up now and Owen explains that theres a back room where the music is played and if we want to see it we’ll have to go to it now as the seats fill up pretty quickly. I tell him I have to phone my mum to let pup out so I go outside. As I do I see him watching me leave and I just smile. When I get outside its freezing and I realise I havent lifted my coat so this is going to be one quick phone call. Mum answers and I explain that we’re just going to stay and can she take pup to her house. She says of course and tells me to enjoy myself. Im shivering visably now and as I turn to go back inside Owen is standing with a coat. “I didnt want to interrupt but I also didnt want you catching your death!” he says and I say thank you as I take the coat. He ignores my out stretched hand and walks behind me to put it on for me. His fingers brush my neck and I shiver again but for a completely different reason. His touch sends bolts through my body and I blush but thankfully hes behind me and cant see. He walks around to the front of me and pulls the collar of my coat around my neck. I look up at him to say thank you and theres that look in his eyes again. His normally sparkling blue eyes look dark and full of an emotion I havent figured out yet. I realise im staring and go to lower my head and he puts his finger under my chin to lift it back up. I have no choice but to look at him and this time he sees me blush. He lets out a low throaty chuckle and I melt. I actually feel my whole body turn into a great big puddle. He takes a step towards me and I breath in. I realise ive been bitting my lip and stop. “Oh dont stop doing that on my account” Owen says in a very deep voice “infact let me do that for you” and before I have a chance to reply hes kissing me. I feel his teeth nip my lip where my own teeth had been moments ago and I groan involuntarily. I fall into his body as he wraps his arms around me. His teeth teasing my lips before his tongue slides into my mouth. I taste him and he tastes delicious. I kiss him back and I hear him groan as my tongue teases his. My arms go around his neck and his go around my waist. I feel one of his hands on the flat of my back while the other moves up my spine to the back of my neck. I know my feet are moving and before I know it im pinned to a wall. His leg between my thighs as we continue kissing. The kiss getting more passionate as my nails tease the back of his neck. His lips leave mine and move down my chin to my neck. I gasp when his teeth nip me and I sink my nails into him holding him to me. Before I realise whats happening he steps back. I look at him in surprise. I must look ridiculous standing there with my mouth open and cheeks clearly flushed. He looks at me and I see that emotion again and realise what it is – lust. Pure lust. I smile. “And what are you smiling at?” Owen asks and I realise hes a little breathless. “Let me think – I just had one of the best kisses ive ever received so yeah, that would do it” I say and he laughs but it isnt a humorous laugh. Its a warning laugh and he does it again as he steps towards me. “Oh im sure I could beat that” he growls and pins me to the wall. His hands on either side of my face as his lips meet mine forcefully. The emotion that had him stopping last time has taken over and I feel the difference. I feel the need and want and now that I know what he wants I return it. I kiss him with everything I have and I hear him growl again as his hand moves down my body. His fingers brush my breasts and he kisses me harder when he feels my nipple hard against his fingers. My hands go his ass and I sink my nails in to pull him even closer as his knee moves back between my thighs. I move my hips as close to him as I can I and its my turn to groan as I feel him hard against me. God I want to touch him. I want to run my nails over every inch of him and make him growl again. I surprise myself with those thoughts but they keep coming. The need to have him is unmistakeable. If his hand goes lower and under my skirt he’ll feel just how much I want him. We’re still kissing hard as his hand does go lower to the hem of my skirt but then stops. I bite his bottom lip and his fingers grip my thigh but the kiss slows till its a soft teasing kiss. This time he doesnt pull away completely instead he stops and stays ever so close to me. His lips inches from mine and hes visibly breathless this time as am I. “I have to have you” he whispers as his eyes bore into mine. I cant say anything. His voice is so full of emotion and I know mine would be the same. I continue to look at him as his fingers tease my stocking clad thigh and his other hand moves back to my face. He traces my bottom lips with his thumb. Fuck even that feels good. I realise I have to say something. “I want you to have me” I whisper back and he smiles. “Oh im going to” he says and steps back “but not here” and he takes my hand. We walk to the car and I realise its an hour home!!!! What if he comes to his senses by the time we get back and then thats it!?!? He goes into the car and brings out a key. He explains that he has a small apartment upstairs as it helps when he does nights and then back in the next morning so saves the drive home. He takes my hand again and walks around the side of the building. He opens the door and we walk upstairs. Nothing is said as he hits the lights. Its actually very spacious considering! Kitchen, living room and bedroom all the one area and then a door that I presume leads to the bathroom. The “bedroom” to the left and a sofa and tv that separates that and the “kitchen”. He takes my coat and I stand waiting to see whats going to happen. I know what I want to happen but im definitely not making the first move! He walks to the corner and switches on a lamp then returns and turns off the main light. I feel him behind me and my body responds. I feel my cheeks flush and I ache for him to touch me. I gasp as I feel his breath on the back of my neck. “Im going to have you Sally” he whispers and I nod. “Im going to have you till this ache I have for you stops” and I cant stop the moan I make. He feels it too! “I felt it the minute I saw you in your kitchen, standing there in your nightdress looking so god-damn fuckable!” he continues. I make to turn and protest “Dont move!” he growls and I stop. The tone in his voice should have frightened me but instead it makes me ache for him even more. “So I am going to fuck you….now” he growls and before I can say anything he lifts me and strides to the bed. He lies me down and covers my body with his own. I can do nothing but look up at him as ive never had anyone want me like this before. Owen looks down at me. I feel his want burning against my thigh and desire takes over. I need to touch him. Taste him. I reach up and pull him to me. Its all the encouragement he needs and he kisses me. Hard and fast. Both of us moaning as we start to remove each others clothes. Theres no time for soft and gentle as we both want the same thing – each other. I rip at his shirt buttons as he tugs at my skirt. When I feel the hair on his chest underneath I moan and take a moment to run my nails through it. I follow the trail to the waistband of his trousers and he stops what hes doing and sits up. He kneels between my thighs and removes his shirt and the moment his fingers go to his belt I bite my lip. He knows exactly what hes doing to me as he slowly removes it and unbuttons his trousers. Well two can play at that game I think to myself and my hands go to my blouse. I have his attention as I start to unbutton it. Slowly. My breasts swollen and spilling from my bra as I reach the bottom button. My hand goes to the top of my skirt. He stares at me transfixed as I reach for the zip at the side and you hear it unzip the silence. His breathing getting shallow as I pull it down over my thighs to reveal black panties and the top of my stockings. He groans a low throaty groan as I continue to slide it down and over my boots. The mood has changed. We’ve went from having to have each other to teasing and tormenting. I see the bulge in his trousers and I motion for him to come closer. He shimmies up on his knees till my legs are parted as far as they can go. I reach for the top of his zip and look into his eyes as I unzip him. His hands go to the top of my boots and run up my thighs as my thumbs hook into his trousers and I pull them down. His cock springs free and I gasp. I feel my sex pulsate in response to a small drop of precum oozing from his tip. I go to sit up as I have to have him in my mouth and he leans forward. “Plenty of time for that” he growls in my ear ” but for now I just have to have you” and he pins me back. I know ive had all the control I was going to have for now. His fingers pull at my panties and I feel them rip from me. Now that has an effect I never knew was possible – I nearly orgasm! Someone wants me so much they have to rip at my underwear! Passion kicks in with a vengeance and I run my nails up his thighs, over his ass and up his back. He leans forward and kisses me as he positions himself between my thighs. I feel his tip oozing against my wet swollen lips and I lift my hips. He guides himself into me and I gasp his name. I wrap my legs around his waist as I take every inch of him. Fuck I can feel him stretch me. His shaft filling me completely. I crush his body to mine as we start to move. Desire controlling us both. Our hips meeting as my juices flow from me and soak us both. I hear him breath my name against my lips and I sink my teeth into him as my nails mark his shoulders. He growls so deep in his throat I feel it vibrate through me and it sends me over the edge. My orgasm hits us both. Wave after wave making me convulse under him. He sits up and fucks me to orgasm after orgasm. My body no longer mine – its his. Hes controlling it. I lie back on the bed. Breasts completely out of my bra. Dark hair strewn across the pillow. Eyes black as night. I hear Owen through the fog that has descended moaning that hes going to cum and with one final lift of my hips I feel him in me. His hot sticky cum filling me completely. I milk every last drop from him as he growls my name over and over again until he collapses on top of me. I couldnt speak if I tried so I wrap my arms and legs around him and he does the same to me. The fog takes over and before I can form a thought my body decides that it has to sleep and I do just that.1395271892018