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I can taste you.  That little drip of precum on my tongue that betrays you.  I know youre trying to keep in control. Its what you do.  You don’t want to surrender but we both know you will.  All it takes is for me to suck you into my mouth.  Full swollen lips from being kissed surrounding your throbbing shaft. Slowly enveloping you.  You lift your hips.  Needing every inch consumed but not yet.  This is my moment of power.  I know what you crave and you will get it….eventually…..

My nails rake your thighs and you let out an involuntary groan.  I look up at you and our eyes meet.  That’s when it happens.  You watch me take you.  Every last inch swallowed.  Taken.  Consumed.  Your oozing tip hits the back of my throat and you growl.  My nails sink into your thighs as I teasingly suck you.  Wrapping my tongue around you.  Pulling my lips back and dragging my teeth up the length of you.  You start to writhe.  I smile as my middle nail teases the base of your shaft.  Teeth nipping at your soaked tip.  I suck you back in without warning.  Quick and hard.  Starting to fuck you with my mouth.   A growl of appreciation passes your lips.  Your fingers wrapped around my hair.  Harder.  Faster.  I know youre close.  Getting closer.




my hand reaches out and hits the alarm


not the worst way to start the day,,,,,,


Friday Feeling

Friday Feeling

Today I am feeling….wanted, needed, excited, craved and desired

Now those are very unusual feelings for me but I love when it happens! The blood courses through my veins at 1000mph.  My heart dances in my chest. Anticipation and desire consume everything.  I have doubt…I always have doubt but I don’t care. I’m going to savour the feeling and hope it happens more frequently because I miss it when its not there

Friday Feeling


You ever had that taste of something you can’t have enough of…?  Months later your mind plays tricks on you and throws it into your taste buds.  Its that taste that makes you groan and bite your bottom lip.  You feel the desire for it course through your veins.  You ache for it just one more time.  You remember how heaven tastes and you need more. You crave more. You lick your lips as the saliva fills your mouth.  Your breathing quickens. Can you taste it?  Can you taste what you crave?

Come fucking get it….. *bites lip*


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friday feelings….

My feeling today is




Does anyone have that one person who is their favourite What If?  You know that one person you know it would have been amazing if it had been given it a chance.  Mine was three years ago.  If he’d asked me to stay my life would have been so different now. Now heres the kicker –  he recently contacted me and told me that not asking me to stay was the biggest mistake and only regret of his life.  That is why this is todays feeling.

I met him when i was married so obviously nothing happened.  When my marriage blew up we got together briefly.  It was passion, lust, desire, love, falling asleep wrapped around each other, everything i could have ever wanted and what ive been looking for ever since.  He was my hardest goodbye.  You know the one – the tears, the hugging, the not wanting to go.  He said he didnt ask me then because i had to find who i was without my now ex husband.  He is now in a relationship yet called me a few nights ago to tell me the words i wanted to hear so long ago.  My heart broke again because as i told him

“Baby you’ll always be my favourite What If….”

Nothing will happen though.  I sit here telling myself that i have moved on.  Im currently seeing someone and, as i said, he is with someone but my heart lives in hope that someday he wont be my favourite What If – he’ll be my favourite reason to wake up in the morning.1394487768922