Kink of The Week

Kink of the week may 1-15 Jeans

Oh where do I begin!! There is something beyond sexy about a man in jeans. He could be standing in just a pair of jeans hanging off his hips and nothing else and I’d want to ravish him. I have no idea why though. I hate skinny jeans on a man. They look like bad leggings. Give me old skool dark jeans and I’m a happy woman. Through in a belt and I’m in heaven…..

As for me in jeans….very very rare!! Have a pair of jeggings but that’s about it tbh. I’d rather have him than me in them
Added 24hrs later…

I feel like I should add this

A man walked into my work today in his biker leathers…..I know it isn’t jeans but I feel the need to say that I wanted to drop to my knees and thank the lord they were invented!! I felt my insides melt and the need to let him do very bad things to me!! He looked deliciously devilish *giggles*

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Need…or ache? 

What’s the difference between a need and an ache? A need is when I need something. I need food. I need a drink. I need a night out. I need a hug.
An ache….now that’s different. I ache to hear my name being growled. I ache to hear how much you’re going to ravish me. I ache to feel that desire that courses through my veins as you pin me and kiss me so hard I melt beneath you. I ache to feel my flesh being marked to prove to all where you and only you has been. I ache to be devoured