I bet you shivered in anticipation.  Your mind moving to that moment the teeth trace your bare skin.  You know who’s teeth it is even though you cant see him.  You can smell him.  Him scent surrounds you.  One of his strong hands grip your waist to hold you in place and the other starts to trace your rib cage.  He bares his teeth and traces them along your throat.  You gasp.  You try not to but your body betrays you as it always does with him.  That ache moves down your body. You feel it form in your chest and down to your stomach and lower to where you know you’ll have him – but on his terms and only his. You cant move, not that you’d want to, but that choice has been taken from you anyway.  You feel his chest pressed against your back. His fingers gripping your skin knowing they’ll leave a mark. Its what makes you moan even louder.  Knowing you’ll get up tomorrow and more than a memory will be there.  His tongue darts out and tastes you.  His control is undeniable as he has to hold you. Little gasps escape involuntarily as his teeth and tongue continue their journey. Can you feel him?  Can you feel that power and control he has?


Just with teeth…..



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