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what is your “too much”….?

A few weeks ago i logged onto my twitter as normal.  Now I haven’t really been bothering with it as I’ve felt detached and uninvolved.  I see people who have formed friendships and seem to be having an absolute blast.  My trust issues stopped me from doing such a thing.  When I started i swore I wouldn’t stay long and i wouldn’t form any sort of friendships/relationships.  In the 6/7 years i was there I failed at both.  I made and ruined friendships (see earlier when sick) and avoided making others.  I regret alot of what i done on twitter and regrets is something i hate having.  Anyway – ive strayed off topic! I apologise! So, I logged on a few weeks ago, after a few days away, and a sight greeted me that shocked me.  Now those who know me know Im a sub and Im damn good at it when called to be but this shocked me.  I immediately logged into my PC and deactivated my account and i haven’t been back since.  I knew I had a breaking point.  Everyone does.  But i was shocked by mine.  Maybe im being overly sensitive or I was having a bad day but I still cant bring myself to go back.  I have 10 days to reactivate or my account is gone.  Maybe its time to start afresh.


What is your “too much”……………?



11 thoughts on “what is your “too much”….?

  1. That sounds bad!
    I have many annoyances and irritations, way too many to list! I dare say I have a “breaking point” or a “too much” but very relieved I haven’t found it yet.


  2. I block and report anything with kids or animals. Anything else which might not press my buttons just gets filed under the ‘your kink is not my kink’ tab, and I move along. I don’t let it bother me though xx


  3. Do what you need to do tbh, that’s all i can say, I do miss you on there so much 😥 I can’t be bothered with it nowadays so i just pop in and out whenever i can. I do have breaking point but i daren’t express them on there in case I fuck people off with my attitude “supposedly”, which is shitty really


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