Curvy and hippy

Referring to an earlier post i have this picture. Now this is me lying on my right hand side so this is my left hip/curve. My hand rests in the curve just under my ribcage. I do love being “hippy” as its just right for being grabbed. 

Heres to all the men who love grabbing “hippy” women and to all the women who are proud of being “hippy”.

Boobday, Titty Tuesday

Lumps, bumps and curves

This was my “teasing titty tuesday” twitter pic (thats alot of t’s!!).

Out of everything you see i like one thing….the curve of my hip. I love feeling a nail or hand trace that curve. Even better is when im grabbed by the hips and pulled close. I have very grabbable hips and im not afraid to admit it.

Are there men who like the hip curve? I’m now curious to know if there is!