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Sinful Sunday

Fingers graze milky thick thighs

Thoughts instantly turn to you

The ache grows

The need consumes

Come claim what could be yours

If you so wish it…..




Friday Feeling

Friday Feeling

Today I am feeling….wanted, needed, excited, craved and desired

Now those are very unusual feelings for me but I love when it happens! The blood courses through my veins at 1000mph.  My heart dances in my chest. Anticipation and desire consume everything.  I have doubt…I always have doubt but I don’t care. I’m going to savour the feeling and hope it happens more frequently because I miss it when its not there

Wicked Wednesday

Works both ways?

I need you. I need to feel your body tense as my nails dance over your skin. I need to have you growl as my mark appears on your skin. Slowly. Oh so slowly. There’s no rush. Nail slicing through your pink.

Now I know as a sub I should be the one being marked but if I am yours doesn’t that make you mine? Do I not get the satisfaction of seeing my mark on you? Knowing someone could see it and you have that look saying “my girl done this to me”. Then there is the fun where I marked you so you mark me. A little bite. A little nibble. A little taste. Fingers sinking into my flesh. Teeth on my collarbone. That’s one I only found recently. Fuck it drives me wild. Animalistic passion kicks in with that one. My body loses what little control I had. I do believe its the only thing thats brought me close to begging……