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friday feelings….

My feeling today is




Does anyone have that one person who is their favourite What If?  You know that one person you know it would have been amazing if it had been given it a chance.  Mine was three years ago.  If he’d asked me to stay my life would have been so different now. Now heres the kicker –  he recently contacted me and told me that not asking me to stay was the biggest mistake and only regret of his life.  That is why this is todays feeling.

I met him when i was married so obviously nothing happened.  When my marriage blew up we got together briefly.  It was passion, lust, desire, love, falling asleep wrapped around each other, everything i could have ever wanted and what ive been looking for ever since.  He was my hardest goodbye.  You know the one – the tears, the hugging, the not wanting to go.  He said he didnt ask me then because i had to find who i was without my now ex husband.  He is now in a relationship yet called me a few nights ago to tell me the words i wanted to hear so long ago.  My heart broke again because as i told him

“Baby you’ll always be my favourite What If….”

Nothing will happen though.  I sit here telling myself that i have moved on.  Im currently seeing someone and, as i said, he is with someone but my heart lives in hope that someday he wont be my favourite What If – he’ll be my favourite reason to wake up in the morning.1394487768922


8 thoughts on “friday feelings….

  1. I think we’ve all got that “What if” somewhere alone the line. My old mammy used to say everything happens for a reason. Took me a long time to work it out but I guess it’s true. Sometimes you gotta stop looking back in order to move forward😊


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