I have some of the most wonderful women in my life.  I have my married friend who is kinky as hell and still adores her man after 14 years together.  I have my lesbian friend whos engaged to her woman.  Their relationship is switch and it makes me smile to see them.  Theres my lesbian friend who gave me my lesbian experience and is more fucked up than anyone can imagine but we all love and protect her to the death.  Theres my other married friend who is bi.  Got married last year and still craves a woman.  She is such a flirt.  Then theres my wee one whos so sweet and innocent and still in a relationship with her first love.  Last but now least theres my drinking buddy who takes me out dancing and sends me home drunk with food – i adore her for it!  The ages of these women vary from 20-35.  We all speak from morning till night.  We discuss everything from work to whos getting fucked tonight.  I am the only single one.  They urge me to text ex’s, get a fuck buddy, have one night stands.  They are sometimes relentless but i know they mean well.  They even recommend the best toys.  Im going to need to get some overtime in for the shopping list!  Now i bet you’re all thinking “twitter friends are the best.”  What makes these friends the best are that they’re in my real life.  I work with them.  I socialise with them.  I drink with them.  They set me up on blind dates.  But i have twitter to thank for them.  I would never have had the confidence to be myself if it wasn’t for twitter.  I’m open about myself.  Im a Sub and they all know it!  They even search the men in their lives to see if they know any single Doms!!! Its fantastic!!  As i type this my phone hasn’t stopped beeping.  They dont know about this blog or twitter.  Im not ready for that yet but i know the step will be taken eventually.  I also know that if i let my guard down with anyone here i have people i can tell.  I miss being able to be girly over someone.  Telling my friends how he makes me feel.  People to turn to when im being insecure and needy and need reassurance.  So if i tell my friends about you then it means something.  Be the man i want to tell my friends about.


Thank you twitter for letting me be me and showing me that being me isn’t such a bad thing after all xx


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