Day out

We both fall out the taxi and I giggle as you wrap your arm around my waist to help me. We’re both as intoxicated as each other but the chivalry is appreciated. You lean in and kiss my neck.  Through the haze of vodka my body stirs instinctively. I look up at you as I lean in closer. I see the glint in your eyes even in the darkness and the mood shifts. Your eyes leave mine and you look around. Before I can register why you grab my hand and we stubble towards the dark corner of the building. The wind catches my black dress and you see my pale flesh barely covered by your favourite – my black lace pearl panties. I hear the low growl just before you pounce. You grab my hands and spin me around. Your knees part my thighs as your other hand deftly removes your tie. Pale blue that matched your eyes till moments ago. They now blaze with desire. I try to look over my shoulder but your grip tells me otherwise. I feel the tie go around my wrists. You move quickly as it’s like a second nature. You have me pinned and tied. The cold of the wall against my cheek as your hand runs up my thigh. Your teeth drag my neck as you open your trousers. I’m going to be fucked…outside…I’m pinned…you’re in a suit….I feel my juices trickle onto my thigh as the pearls brush my hard clit. The lace can’t contain the effect you have on me. Then I feel your cock pull my panties to the side and I nearly buckle with excitement. Your teeth sink into my skin as your cock sinks into my soaked cunt. You grab my bound wrists and start to fuck me. One hand on the tie and the other grabbing my throat. Exposing me to you. Hard. Fast. Raw. My orgasm building. You pinch my throat as your cock swells. My scream is building also. Then you utter the words that are my undoing

“Cum for me Baby Girl”

My release is instantaneous. It floods you. You don’t stop. You’re going to fill me. The thought is what causes another wave to rush through me. That’s what is your undoing. Load after load is emptied into me. Milking every drop from you. More and more till I’m over flowing. You pull from me but don’t release my wrists from the tie. Zipping yourself and adjusting my dress for me you turn me around.

“I ain’t finished with you yet.…”

And we walk around the building and you let us into the house as our juices ooze from me….


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