Im waiting….

I seem to have lost my “mojo”. I have literally no filth in my life. There is no sexting, playing, phone sex and i orgasm once every week to 10 days for the release more than anything. This isn’t me. I love being horny!!! I love the ache and wetness between my thighs. Peeling off my panties or pulling them to the side and making myself scream. Now it’s always better if there is someone there or listening or making me do it but that doesn’t happen. I seem to have withdrawn into myself. My trust issues have gotten worse. I’ve been sick on and off for a year now. I’m still a little broken but i’ve accepted that. I get tired more easily now. My attention span is shot to shit as is my memory! But on the plus side, supposedly, i’ve went from a size 30/32 to an 18/20 and not had a cigarette for 9 months. I don’t feel like me sometimes. I still look in the mirror and not recognise the woman looking back at me. Maybe that’s why my mojo has left. Waiting till i find myself again! I don’t know the kick start my mojo needs but i’m hoping it comes (pardon the pun) real soon because i miss it. I miss the ache and desire. That need for someone to pin/tie me down and do things to me that should be illegal! To be marked and owned and “Mine” growled in my ear as the wetness drips onto my thighs!!!

Whomever you are….

Wherever you are….

Please hurry…..

Make me groan…

Make me ache…

Make me crave you….


14 thoughts on “Im waiting….

  1. I’m sorry you are feeling this way, I know the feeling of your mojo lacking well. I hope that it starts to change for you sponsored

    It will happen in small ways, but have faith it will. You never know what the next thing to make you wet will be

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  2. Sorry to hear that you are feeling that way. Should you ever want a little sexting or someone to help relieve those tensions over the phone I would be more that willing to be there for you. Hope you can get your mojo back to normal very soon, sending lots of love and best wishes your way xxx

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  3. That sucks that you’ve lost your mojo recently, Hope you can find it again soon… and nothing wrong with abit of sexting to get it back somewhat but take your time and all that and hope you get what you want in the end. I miss you 😦 Love you Xxxx


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