your good girl…..

“Remove everything except your panties and place your hands against the wall” you growl into my ear as you stand behind me. You arent touching me. Its just your words and breath in my ear and yet my body instantly reacts. I do as im told without hesistation. I hear your low groan of satisfaction when you see im wearing my black lace panties. I havent seen you. I know not what youre wearing and my mind wanders to the possibilties of whats about to happen. Then I hear it. The unsheathing of the blade. My heart skips a beat and i bite my bottom lip. My palms sweaty against the wall. I know better than not to move. I know the rules…..

“You okay Baby Girl?” you whisper with a smile in my ear as the blade touches the inside of my ribs. I stiffle a groan. The cold steel against my skin always gives me the same reaction and you know it. I remain still as your breath continues to terrorise me by moving down my neck and over my shoulder. The blade tracing my curves. Down my side. Over my waist and hips and stopping at the band of my panties. Your free hand holds my hip and pulls me tight to you. I feel the denim against my bare thighs. The cold of your belt buckle against my back and your bare chest against me. Im not getting fucked today i realise. Im getting fucked with and that can sometimes be better as you take my body and pleasure it for your pleasure. You like to see how i react to you. The sounds i make just for you. The craving and ache i have just for you. My body melts into yours. Moulding against you. My palms still on the wall as the blade continues its journey. My breath hisses through my teeth as you drag the tip over the front of the lace. My ache growing as i feel the point halt at my shaven slit. Your free hand leaves my hip. You know im not going anywhere. Your finger tip traces my stomach. I go to do what i always want to do and breath in but i know better. I feel your smile on the base of my neck. Its like you know whats going through my mind as your finger traces my ample stomach. Over my belly button. Up the length of me till you reach my swollen breast. The tip of the blade lingers against my slit as your nail flicks over my now hard nipple. I gasp as you take my nipple between your thumb and forefinger and pinch it. As you squeeze the blade moves. Slowly running up the lace to the band. Pausing for a heartbeat before easing into the waistband. I bite my lip as the cold steel touches my skin. I can feel myself starting to drip. The creamy juices soaking the lace as you continue to pinch my nipple. The steel, turned flat, eases down into my panties. Im so aroused as i feel it stop against my pulsating clit which its currently poking out from between my swollen wet lips. I cant stop your name escaping my lips as your hand leaves my breast and reaches up to my throat. You pull yourself up to your full height and pull my head back till its against your shoulder. “Look at me” you growl as my eyes meet yours. They blaze black over my glasses causing you to make that low deep throaty growl that has me near orgasming. “Are you ready baby?” you ask, knowing full well there is nothing in this world that could make me say no. Its just a tease. You know i need it. You press the flat of the blade against my clit and i groan. The you start to move it. Slowly. Easing it up and down. Knowing full well the tip is slicing the lace as you press it against me. My knees shaking. Eyes meeting yours. The steel slick with my creamy juices. Oh so close. Breathing getting ragged. Waiting on those words that will send me over the edge. Whimpering with every teasing movement. Your grip on my throat gets that little bit tighter. I feel your hot breath in my ear. The slick fat blade against me. “Cum for me and let me hear you try to scream” you command and my body instantly complies. As i open my mouth to scream your name your fingers clamp around me and stop me as the orgasm courses through my body. Wave after wave. The blade torturing my clit. My eyes locked on yours. My breath strangled as my knees start to give in. You know me so well so you know my legs wont hold me much longer. You quickly remove the blade, so as not to hurt me, and your hand around my throat moves to around my waist to pull me back against you. Im still in the haze as i hear you sheath the knife in your belt and your other arm wraps around me. “Let go of the wall” you whisper and i collapse back onto you. You lead us back on to the bed and we lie with you wrapped around me. My breathing slowly returns to normal and the last thing i hear before i fall into a slumber is the words i do it all for….

“Well done my good girl…”



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