My phone beeps and i check it quickly. Not even acknowledging the name till the message registers

“Home. Now. Strip. Lie on the bed. Wait for me x”.

I stop instantly and put my hand out for a taxi. I feel that familiar ache that happens everytime in anticipation. I dont know what hes going to do to me but i know it will be deliciously wicked.

I arrive home and strip whilst heading upstairs. Heels on the bottom step. Blouse on the middle of the stairs. Skirt discarded on the top step. One stocking on the landing. Other one at the door. Bra at the bottom of the bed. He wont look for panties as id been instructed not to wear any today.

I do as i was told and lie on the bed. Arms across my plump stomach. My ample breasts starting to get cold causing my nipples to harden. That ache spreading through my body as i await his presence. The front door slams and i jump. I bite my lip as i hear him. He stops at every piece of discarded clothing. Footsteps slowly making their way to me. I can feel my juices flowing in need and desire. He stops outside the bedroom door. Im now nearly panting but lying still as he opens the door. There he is. My man. My Sir. My craving. My eyes start at the bottom and i take him in. Hes clearly left work for this. Black patent shoes. Charcoal trousers. Black belt. Black shirt. Broad shoulders standing out inside the matching jacket. Silver tie. Beard just long enough for my nails to rake through. That bottom lip that has had my teeth marks many times. Dark brooding eyes. One look from them has me craving him. Dark hair just like his beard – long enough for me to grab – when he doesnt have me tied! All 6ft of him towering above me at the end of the bed. He has this knack of making me feel small. I dont know how he does it but its one of the things i love about him.


He watches me. Not moving. The bulge in his trousers becoming more evident as his eyes drink me in. “On your knees and move to the bottom of the bed” he says roughly and i instantly comply. In less than 30 secs im face down ass up and my feet are hanging from the bed. I stifle a groan as his finger traces down my spine, over the curve of my ass, across the back of my thighs and around again. “Open yourself for me” he breathes against my skin. My face on the bed steadying myself as both my hands reach around and part my cheeks. Both my naked tight holes feeling his breath as he inhales my scent. Lips swollen and wet. Needing touched. Tasted. Devoured. I remain still as his finger dances over my swollen lips. Parting them. Feeling the heat and wetness that is only for him. Easing his finger into me and bringing it out coated in my juices. Slipping it back in again and holding it there. Oh god i know what he wants. The realisation hits me and my pussy clamps around his finger. He chuckles. That chuckle that hits me in the pit of my stomach and makes my heart beat out my chest. He curls his finger in me. Fuck theres the spot. Right there. His finger curled in me. Staying still. I hear his other hand on his belt. The metal clanking as its opened and it has the most delicious effect. His finger starts to work my now gushing slit as his belt falls open and he unzips his trousers. I cant stop the moans as he gets harder and faster. Pumping his finger into me relentlessly. His cock now out and pulsating in his other hand as he continues to work me. He plays me like a violin and only he knows the tune. I feel it building and so does he. “I want it. Now” he growls and my body plays along. Everytime it betrays me. As he pulls out of me my squirt drenches him. Screaming his name as it soaks his well positioned cock. He thrusts into me as im not quite finished. The feeling is so intense. Oh fuck. Again. Its going to happen again. He feels it and pulls out. His cock dripping of me as it flows down his balls. More and more covering him till i cant give no more and he really starts fucking me now. His hands holding my hips move up my body and pull my hair so that my back is arched and i look at him. Eyes meeting. One more thrust and hes filling me. My name a growl on his lips as he shoots into me. Pussy gripping him milking him dry as our eyes stay locked. When ive taken all he can give he pushes me down onto the bed. Lying on my stomach as he eases from me. I catch a glimpse of him and our eyes meet. He smiles at me and i melt. I look down at him and stiffle a giggle. He is covered in me. He sees me giggle and his eyes blaze again.


Well its only a giggle….whats the worst that could happen…….



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