all for you….

You come home from work, throw your briefcase on the table along with your keys, kiss me on the cheek and sink into the chair. I know instantly you havent had a good day. You loosen your tie, unbotton your jacket, lean your head back and close your eyes. I smile a slow smile. I know just how to make you relax. I walk towards you slowly. I stand at your legs. I place my hands on them and part them as i sink onto my knees. Your eyes open and they meet mine. I bite my bottom lip nervously. Ive never taken the initiative before. Ive always waited on you but i want to help you feel better. You see the hesitation in my eyes and smile that sweet smile that makes my insides melt. I take it as “Proceed” and i run my hands up your thighs. My hand lingering over your cock. My palm brushing over it. I feel it jump and im even more encouraged. My hand reaches your belt. Atleast the trembling has stopped i think and i unbuckle you. Our eyes still locked as i open and unzip you. Your cock now getting harder as i slip my hand in and release you. I keep the eye contact as i start to stroke you. My blood red nails standing out against your shaft as i work you. Long slow teasing strokes. You respond with a groan and your hips move. You’re now solid in my hand. Your tip begging to be licked. I lean forward, causing me to look over my glasses at you, my eyes now dark with desire as i flick my tongue over your tip. Fuck you taste so good. I need to have you in my mouth completely…and i do. I remove my hand and suck every inch of your hard shaft into my mouth. You groan and close your eyes. Your head thrown back now as i take you to the back of my throat. Your hands move to my hair. My ponytail now wrapped around your fingers holding my head. My hands hook onto your waistband. I want full access to you. I start to pull at them and you lift your hips to allow me to slide them off of you. I pull them to your ankles and move till im back betweeen your thighs. Your cock only leaving my mouth for a split second before i have you again. I run my hands up your naked thighs. My nails dancing over your skin till i reach your balls. I pop your now throbbing veiny shaft out my mouth and move my lips down the length of you. A trace of saliva being left behind as i reach your shaven smooth balls. I look up at you and smile. Your eyes meet mine in confusion. I take your balls into my hand and you growl when you feel my teeth on them. I rake them over you and the precum starts to ooze freely from you. Little nibbles on you causing your hips to buck and your tip to be soaked. I suck them into my mouth and you pull at my hair. My other hand gripping your shaft. Hard solid strokes as i tease and torment your balls. I feel your precum coating your shaft and i have to taste again. I keep your balls in my hand as i run my teeth up the length of your shaft and take you back into my mouth. Your precum instantly flowing down my throat. Fuck you taste so good. I want your cum. My eyes meet yours and you see the look i have. You know what i want and youre more than ready to give me it. Your hand wraps around my hair and you pull at me causing my head to move up and down your shaft to your rythmn. Your hips lifting and dropping as you hit the back of my throat over and over again. I feel you swell and my hands massage and grip your balls. “Give it to me” my eyes plead and my lips clamp around you. With one final thrust i taste you. I taste that salty cum hit my throat and i swallow greedily. Its not enough. I want it all. I wank the base of your shaft and dont remove my lips from your tip. Spurt after spurt coating my tongue as you arch your back and growl my name. When youre finally spent i slip you from my mouth and lick the one little drop that escaped off of my lips. I smile and ask….”so how was your day?”



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