Random thought

I want him. Oh how I want him. The way he grabs me and kisses me like hes devouring me makes my knees tremble. How he holds me oh so tight as he presses his hard body to mine. My breasts against his chest. My arms snaking around his neck as his fingers grip my ass to pull me even closer. I hear that growl in the base of his throat. That one that builds as the kiss gets harder and faster. Lust filled. Hungry. I feel myself melt into him. Then I hear my name on his lips. Oh my to hear me being gasped by you is something else. The ache spreads to where I need you….now. My nails scrape your scalp and neck as your hands move over my ass and up to the base of my back. The kiss getting deeper. The desire takes over. You can hear it. Feel it in the way I nibble your lip. The groans. The gasps. Your lips leave mine to trace along my cheek bone to my ear. “Time to make you mine” you growl. I become undone in your arms…..you dont have to make me yours as I already am….


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