its me….

That moment its all over and you feel your heart break. You can actually feel it shatter into a million pieces.  The tears don’t stop. You seen it coming.  It was always going to happen. It takes you a few attempts to put this onto paper as you cant find the actual words to fully acknowledge what happened. In the end – it was you. Its always you. You messed up. You pushed and pushed for more than you could have ever gotten. You forget that, even though you give it all, others dont do the same. The idea that maybe you weren’t good enough is circulating around. That is also a very real possibility. You dont think there is ever the chance you’ll be good enough. The story of your life – find someone, give it all, they take it and leave when you dont serve a purpose. Its happened far too many times and there is only so much one person can take so you leave. You have nothing left to give. Move on, suck it up, be strong….etc…etc….

But as always…..in the end….it was me……