I can still feel your breath in my ear. I know that you think that thats impossible but I swear its true. You led me to the bed and took me like I’ve never been taken before. There’s no other word to describe the feeling of you touching me, kissing me and, most importantly, claiming me. Hearing the need and want in your voice. Feeling the desire in your kisses. Seeing the fire burn in your eyes as you were finally where you belong – buried between my thighs. Have you ever had that one moment in life when everything fell into place and you were right where you were supposed to be? Thats it, that moment of you looking into my eyes as I lowered myself onto you for the first time. Taking every inch of you. Arching my back as your hands ran over me. Riding you…..

…but of it all the moment was afterwards. When you wrapped your arms around me and pulled me ever so close. Thats when I remember your breath in my ear. That contented sigh of knowing you’d finally claimed what is now yours….