I want…..

Those of you who know me know i dont “want” anything…i need, i desire, i crave but not want….
This is something i want…..
Riding in silence on the way home from a few drinks with friends I curl up in the passenger seat and let the other half navigate the roads. My black dress just long enough to cover my knees as i kick my heels onto the floor and close my eyes.
Next thing the heavens open. It isnt taking time coming down. The rain battering off the windscreen is making it near impossible to see. I smile tho as i love the rain. Theres something about it thats oddly soothing. Im the same with thunderstorms. I could lie for hours and listen to them. I glimpse over and i see he’s smiling. He normally doesnt when concentrating and then I realise whats about to happen. Im finally going to get the one thing ive always wanted. I sit up and watch him turn off into a field a few miles from our home as i slide my feet back into my heels. My body reacts immediately. My pussy starts to ache. My nipples harden. I bite my bottom lip as my breathing gets shallow. The rain has slowed a little but still coming down hard enough to get you soaked through. The car slows to a halt in the middle of the lane leading to the field. He doesnt even glance at me as he kills the engine yet leaves the headlights on and them climbs from the car. My heart is racing now. Oh can this really be about to happen. I unclick the seatbelt as my door is flung open. He doesnt say a word – just grips my wrist. Im pulled from the car. I look up at him through the rain and his eyes are blazing. His shirt soaked to his skin as i place my hands on his chest. Im quickly soaked also as he slams the door closed, leans me back onto it and kisses me hard. An all consuming kiss. A promise of whats about to come. Hard , fast and demanding as he slides his hand up my dress and pulls my panties from me. The fabric coming away easily in his hand and he puts them in his pocket. He breaks the kiss and leads me to the front of the car. No sound except my heels on the gravel and the rain hitting the car and ground. I stand where he puts me. I know the rules even tho this is mine. Im facing the front of the car. I know the headlights and the rain are causing my dress to be see thro but i know better than to cover myself. I feel him press his body into the back of me. His hand moving up my thigh. His other going around my waist and over my stomach. His hot breath in my ear as he growls “bend over, spread your legs, place your hands on the car and dont move”. With him still pressed against me i lean forward. It causes my arse to grind against him and i feel how hard he is. I bite my lip as my hands touch the bonnet. The rain has cooled it considerably but its still warm to the touch which im grateful for in the cold rain. My legs spread now as he lifts my dress up to my waist. The cold rain running down my cheeks and dripping off the end of my swollen hot lips. Hes making me wait and he knows its torture as he slides his finger up the inside of my thigh then removes it just before he touches me where i need him the most. I hear the buckle of his jeans being opened and my pussy starts to properly ache. The cold water on my skin now burning hot as my im absolutely burning with lust. He grips my hips and theres no sweetness or softness as he rams into me. Just the way i want and need it. Hard and fast he fucks me. My breasts have spilled out of my bra and dress and theyre swinging freely as he slams into me. One of his hands runs up my spine and reaches my hair. He pulls at it and the parts that hadnt escaped due to the rain falls from its pins. He grabs a handful and that causes me to move my head. It exposes my neck and throat. Harder and faster he pounds me. My pussy holding him as its starts to convulse around his shaft. Orgasm getting closer and closer. He feels it. He knows its going to happen. He pulls my head up and leans forward. “Cum for me” he growls and sinks his teeth into my neck and drags them down my collarbone. My body starts to spasm under him. I cant control it. Wave after wave consumes me as i scream his name. He doesnt stop fucking me. Relentless pounding causing my body to stay under his command. The heat of me flowing down his shaft and over his balls. I know hes getting closer. I want to taste us both from him. He stands up, pulls from me and spins me around quickly. I drop to my knees and take him in my mouth instantly. Groaning with pleasure as i taste myself from him. i look up at him and his eyes meet mine. He holds my head and starts to shoot into my mouth as i clamp my lips around him. My hands massaging his balls to make sure i get every last drop. I swallow him down and as he gasps my name. I suck him dry and stand up, with his help. I smile and lean forward and kiss him gently. We walk back to the car. He gets me in and goes around to his own side. The heating instantly on to stop the chill. We’re both soaked through but it was definately worth it. I curl back up in my seat as he starts the car.
I jump with a bolt when the car comes to a stop. I must have drifted off….damn i really felt like that time was the time it really happened…maybe next time…..