take me…

“Take me” I gasp

“With fucking pleasure” you growl in my ear.

I feel myself being lifted. Your strong arms around my waist and im then thrown onto the bed. Im spread eagled before you. My skirt around my waist. My black lacy panties on show. Mt breasts spilling out my black bra and top. Hair strewn across the bed as the pins have fallen out. I see you look at me and the look in your eyes has me unable to move. I watch you undress. Your shirt and trousers discarded quickly. Your cock straining against your boxers. I bite my bottom lip as you hook your thumbs into the waistband. You see me bite my lip and you stop. I groan and you smirk. Youre teasing me. You know i love you teasing me. Making me want you even more. Making me crave you. I start to move my hips and it causes the lace to rub against my already swollen lips. You see the lace move to the side and you get a glimpse of me and it falls back to cover me. The teasing has stopped. You take them off quickly and before i can admire you your body covers mine. I feel the hardness against me. Only the lace separating us. Your lips are on mine devouring me. Theres no time for softness. You know what i need. Your hand goes to my panties and i feel them pull and tear. Now all i feel is you. Every inch of you. I lift my hips and sink my nails into your shoulders. You thrust into me hard causing me to gasp and arch my back. Your lips leave mine and move down my throat and neck. Arching my back i rake my nails over your shoulders and arms. Our hips meeting hard and fast. I already feel my release building. Your shaft stretching me till im achingly full. You pound me. Breasts now completely out my bra. Your fingers pinching and pulling my nipple as we fuck. You feel im close. My pussy gripping you. Pulling you in. Holding you. With a scream of your name it takes over me. My body convulsing under you. You move till you have my arms pinned and you fuck me even harder. I cant stop. Wave after wave causing me to buck and writhe. I hear the growl low in your throat. Oh fuck youre going to fill me. “Give me it” i groan. You sink your teeth into my lip as i feel you spurt into me. I wrap my legs around your waist and hold you. Milking everything you have till you collapse onto me. Little kisses where your teeth were just moments ago.

I awake to find myself panting and aching for you…..


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