Walking into the office i see him – the forbidden one aka my boss. Over 6ft of sheer sexiness. Designer stubble. Piercing Eyes. Black pinstripe suit today i see. It was just my luck to be receptionist for a man so handsome. I wont deny it – he has been the centre of many a late night fantasy but it will never be and im happy to look from afar. “Bella?” his voice booms across the floor and a scurry towards him. The ladies in the office refer to him as Mr Grey as hes dominant and aloof but to me he’s just Sir even tho his name is Zak as its what he prefers. I reach him and he informs me we have a meeting. Hes a property lawyer and owns this company. Its a deal hes been working on and today is the day it finally closes. I gather whats needed and join him. We ride together in the car and he fills me in on whats going to happen. Turns out we need to go up North to close this deal. Thankfully this is something that im always prepared for and my case has already been taken to the plane. The journey is straightforward as is the meeting. Before i know it its 7pm and i realise i havent eaten all day. Everyone stands to leave and Zak calls their attention. “Drinks and food in the bar – my treat lady and gentlemen” he says with a laugh as im the only woman here! The 4 men nod in agreement and we all head towards the bar. The hotel is quiet as its a Tuesday and we have the bar to ourselves. The waiter brings the menus as Zak toasts the clients and congratulates them on their new purchase. The bubbles tickle my nose and i try not to giggle but it happens anyway and Zak turns sharply. Theres a look ive never seen before in his eyes! Catches me completely off guard. It was only a giggle i think to myself……

We place our orders and the conversation turns to personal lives etc. I inform Stuart next to me im single and have been a while. Dont have time for a relationship as working for Zak takes up alot of time. I dont mind though as i love my job. I see Zak scowl out the corner of my eye and decide to ignore him – 3 glasses of champagne and i dont care. I cut myself off from the alcohol though to eat. The food is delicious. The conversation flowing and then the drinks start again as the meal ends. Its now 11pm and i suppress and yawn. I excuse myself from John, the new owner, and walk towards Zak whos speaking to Stuart. I tap him on the shoulder and he turns and meets my eyes. I gasp involuntarily to the look thats there. That same look as when i giggled. “Bed for me gentlemen” i say as i address him and Stuart “its been a pleasure to meet you” and i shake Stuart’s hand. I turn back to Zak and he says “Check out at 11 Bella” “Thank you Sir, goodnight”. I leave and get into the elevator. Its only then that i realise i have no key and no idea of my room number! We arrived and immediately went to the meeting! I press for the door to open but someone has called for it and im on the move. I press for the 1st floor as then i can walk back down the stairs! I reach the first floor, get out and take the stairs down to reception. Standing at reception is Zak looking particularly worried. Hes looking around and when he sees me he smiles. I reach the desk and he asks what happened. I explain and i see him trying not to smirk. Im too sleepy to take him on so i ask for my key. The receptionist also smiles and i just leave them to it. Im on the 1st floor. Back to the elevator i go. I hear footsteps behind me and i think it can only be Zak so i keep walking. The elevator door opens and as i get in and turn and see its Stuart. I smile tentatively and back myself against the wall. He stands particularly close as the doors close. “What floor?” he asks. “1 please” i reply and he presses it and nothing else. Must be the same floor i think as it starts off. Quickly it reaches the floor and the doors open. I get out and Stuart follows. I dont say anything as i start to walk towards my room. Of course it had to be in the longest windiest corridor! With Stuart still behind me i get nervous and speed up. So does he. I stopped and turn. “Can i help you with anything Stuart?” i demand and he smiles and takes a step towards me. “I know you telling me youre single was your way of letting me know youre available” he says as he gets closer. My brain quickly registers whats about to happen. “You have it all wrong Stuart” i babble “I didnt mean anything by it” as he gets closer still. “I know you want it to happen Bella” he says leeringly and i panic. Before i can turn and run he grabs my wrist. “No” i say as i try to wriggle free. One final step and hes pressed against me. I fight as i close my eyes. I wait on it coming and then my wrist is free!!! My eyes fly open and its Zaks face infront of mine and i look down to see Stuart on the floor!!! “You ok???” he asks quietly as his hands hold my shoulders. I nod as im too shocked to say anything else. “Go to your room” he says and i turn and leave. I dont know what is going to happen with Stuart and i honestly dont care.

I reach my room and head for the mini bar. I need a drink as ive started trembling. The shock has kicked in. I pour a generous measure and kick off my shoes. I see a large bath through the doors and my mind instantly goes to relaxing. I finish the first drink as the bath fills. I strip and climb in with a refill of vodka. I sink under the bubbles and close my eyes. I must have drifted off as a banging noise wakens me with a start!! I move sleepily out the bath, grab a towel and get to the source of the noise….the door. Without thinking i throw it open and as im about to start with something not so nice i see Zak. He does not look good. He looks tired and worried. “Can i come in?” he asks. I step back and he walks in. He walks to the edge of the bed and sits down. I dont know what to do as he lowers his head into his hands. I literally stand rooted to the spot. Ive never seen him so…..unsure or despondent. We stay like that for a few minutes and then i start to shiver…this time from the cold. Id completely forgotten i was only wrapped in a towel. “Excuse me” i mumble and make my way past him. As i get to his thigh his hand shoots out. Its the faintest of touch but the intent is there as the palm of his hand is on my stomach stopping me from moving. I look to my right as he looks up. His eyes are burning with an emotion that his body has hidden so well……lust. His hand moves along my stomach to my left hip. He nudges me till my body turns and faces him. His eyes never leaving mine as he brings up his other hand. He moves them both together to my wrists. I flinch as his left hand closes around my right wrist. I break the contact and look down to see why. The beginnings of a bruise are starting to show already. I hadn’t even realised. But then again when you bruise as easily as me im not surprised! I watch as he takes my wrist again and his thumb gently traces the outline of the fingertip markings. He lifts my wrist to his lips and my heart stops and kicks in with a vengeance when it reaches his lips. He must feel my pulse against his lips as he softly places his lips on the marks. I stand extremely still so as not to break the spell he seems to be under. He lifts his lips and slowly stands up. The marked wrist now released but the other still in his hand. He places his finger under my chin and lifts my face so that my eyes meet his. His eyes full of compassion, sadness and…that look from earlier when i giggled!! I feel a drop of water run from my wet hair down my face and over my cheek. His eyes catch it and follow it as it keeps on its path down the side of my face and onto my throat and neck and disappears into the towel and then they come back to mine. I start to chew my bottom lip as i always do when im nervous and i hear him make some sort of noise deep from within his throat. “Oh fuck….” he groans in a whisper and i gasp. I cant do it any longer. The tension is too much. “Are you ok Sir?” i ask quietly as i look at him. “I had to come here…” he begins, his voice sounding rough and full of emotion, “i had to make sure you were ok” and he takes a step away from me. I feel so empty without him so close. I continue to watch him as he starts to talk. “When i seen him grab you ive never felt such…anger!” he spits out “i dont even remember grabbing or hitting him. Its only when i seen you were ok i came out of it” he starts to pace the room so i sit on the edge of the bed where he was sitting. He has his back to me as he speaks again. “When you left i helped him to his feet and got him to his room. No on else seen us. He kept trying to apologise and wanted to come here personally. There is no way he’ll be within 10 feet of you alone again!!” his voice rising as he spins around to face me. He stops when he sees me. Oh god i must look a sight! I dont realise the towel has fallen open to reveal the top of my thighs as i keep watching and waiting on him continuing. I raise my eyebrows as though to say “yes?” and he strides towards me. He drops to his knees in front of me and i don’t know whats happening! Why? Whats going on!? I look down and cringe. Oh crap. His hands on my knees as he catches my eyes. My cheeks stained red in embarrassment. “Oh Sir I…” i begin. “Are you ok Bella?” he asks quietly and intensely. I nod as i cant speak with him so close again. My breathing starts to quicken as i suddenly feel the pad of his thumbs trace my knees.”Are you sure Bella?” he asks in a low voice. Again i can only nod. His hands start to run up my thighs as he continues to look at me as though waiting on me saying no. I have waited for what seems like an eternity for his touch – nothing on this earth would make me say no!! I think back to when i chewed my bottom lip and how he reacted….should i?! I slowly run my tongue over my lip and then catch the left of my bottom lip with my teeth. He groans and before i can give an inward smirk im on my back with him between my thighs and his lips are covering mine. My breath leaves my body as he starts to kiss me. His mouth devouring mine as he pins my body beneath his. I kiss him back with everything i have. Pouring every lust filled thought iv ever had about him into this one kiss. This may be the one and only time i get him like this – im taking my chance. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and neck and grip the bottom of his hair with my fingers. I feel the surprise in his kiss as he groans. All sensible and scared thoughts leave when i feel the reaction to me growing between his thighs. I must have him. I lift my left leg and wrap it around his thigh as i feel his hand trace down my face, over my throat and stops at the top of the towel. I lift my back as though urging him on as i bite his lip instead of mine. I’m rewarded with another groan and him pushing his now hard shaft against me. He lifts his body and pulls the towel open all whilst my hands go to his shirt buttons. I need to touch him. I pull at the buttons knowing fine well he has plenty of these shirts!! They fall open and he removes it quickly as my hands go to his trousers and belt. I feel the cold of the metal against my now naked skin and i gasp. “You like that against you?” he growls against my lips and pushes himself onto me. The cold burning my skin making me gasp again and arch my back. “Oh Baby im going to have fun with you” he moans in my ear. The words sending shivers down my spine and continuing to where i ache for him. I try to get my hands back on to his belt and he grabs them to stop me. Even consumed with passion he manages to remember my marks and avoids them. If possible that just there makes me want him even more. He lifts himself off of me whilst moving my hands above my head. “Dont move” he says and for some reason i know better than to disobey so i stay how i am. Lying naked before him, my towel having fallen from my body, and my hands above my head whilst my legs hang over the edge of the bed. He stands between my thighs wearing just trousers and belt and looks down at me. He leans forward and tweaks one of my nipples and i squeal. He then moves to the other and does it again. My nipples have never felt so responsive as i see them standing erect. The throb echoing down my body to the pit of my stomach. He places his hands at either side of my waist and leans forward. He sucks my nipple into his mouth and leans his hips into me. The cold belt buckle presses against my shaven pussy. A noise escapes me that i have no control over and Zak bites me as he presses onto me even harder. I arch my back and spread my thighs further apart. I feel my juices flowing from me. Zak moves from one nipple to the other and has them both pulsating and then moves off of me. I stare at him wantingly and he returns the look. I see his arousal pressing against his trousers and he smirks when he catches me looking. “Dont you worry Baby….this is going to be all yours” he sighs as he starts to unbuckle his belt. I cant take my eyes from him as he opens his belt and unzips his trousers. I swear he’s doing it slowly just to torment me! “Sir….” i whisper, my voice full of hunger and desire. Hearing me makes him stop with his hands on his waistband. Noooooo. Thats not the reaction i wanted!!! “Let me hear you again…” he gasps, his voice filled with passion. Oh I have him. I know i have him and it makes my body yearn to please him. “Please Sir…..” i plead and he releases his trousers, drops them on the floor and steps out of them towards me. His desire more than evident as he starts to kiss me whilst wrapping an arm around my waist and moving me up the bed with very little effort. He keeps his arm around me as he eases his soaked tip between my swollen lips. Our lips joined with such intensity that im trembling beneath him. My body opens to him and he slides every inch into me. I nibble his bottom lip and he groans “touch me baby” and i happily oblige. My hands instantly go to his back. I sink my nails in him and rake them from his shoulders to the bottom of his back. He starts to move in me and my nails urge him on. I wrap my legs around him and my hips meet his. His lips leave mine and trace down my throat and over my neck. His name leaves my lips as his teeth trail the length of my collar-bone and my nails claw his cheeks and thighs. We start to move harder and faster. The desire consuming us both. My orgasm building as his shaft stretches me. My creamy juices soaking us both. Every thrust bringing me closer to my release. I feel his breath against my ear…..”cum for me baby” he whispers and i cant stop my body from obeying. He leans up onto his hands and fucks me. My orgasm causing me throw my head back and scream his name. He doesnt stop. Fucking me over and over till i hear a low growl through the haze of passion ringing in my ears. He’s going to fill me and with one final thrust i feel him. My pussy clamped around him causing him to pump all he has into me. I take everything he has and i still want more. I wrap my legs around him and pull him down to me as his body shudders over me. I entwine my fingers in his hair and bring his lips to mine. Kissing him slowly as my body milks him dry. We both finally come down from our orgasms. His body covering mine. My arms and legs still wrapped around him. He raises his torso and looks down at me. “Work is going to be interesting” he says with a smile. Oh bugger. I just fucked my boss. The colour drains from my face as i look at him. He must see the panic in my eyes as he quickly kisses me and laughs. “Dont worry Bella ive had a new position for you for quite some time….” “oh?” i reply intrigued “Over my desk is top of the list….” he laughs and i swat at him playfully. “No in all honesty ive been looking for a way to find out how you feel” he says looking down at me “now i know and im not letting you out of my sight”. I smile up at him “is me under your desk on the list as well…?” i giggle and he looks at me in surprise “oh Bella we are definitely going to have so much fun baby” and kisses me.


take me…

“Take me” I gasp

“With fucking pleasure” you growl in my ear.

I feel myself being lifted. Your strong arms around my waist and im then thrown onto the bed. Im spread eagled before you. My skirt around my waist. My black lacy panties on show. Mt breasts spilling out my black bra and top. Hair strewn across the bed as the pins have fallen out. I see you look at me and the look in your eyes has me unable to move. I watch you undress. Your shirt and trousers discarded quickly. Your cock straining against your boxers. I bite my bottom lip as you hook your thumbs into the waistband. You see me bite my lip and you stop. I groan and you smirk. Youre teasing me. You know i love you teasing me. Making me want you even more. Making me crave you. I start to move my hips and it causes the lace to rub against my already swollen lips. You see the lace move to the side and you get a glimpse of me and it falls back to cover me. The teasing has stopped. You take them off quickly and before i can admire you your body covers mine. I feel the hardness against me. Only the lace separating us. Your lips are on mine devouring me. Theres no time for softness. You know what i need. Your hand goes to my panties and i feel them pull and tear. Now all i feel is you. Every inch of you. I lift my hips and sink my nails into your shoulders. You thrust into me hard causing me to gasp and arch my back. Your lips leave mine and move down my throat and neck. Arching my back i rake my nails over your shoulders and arms. Our hips meeting hard and fast. I already feel my release building. Your shaft stretching me till im achingly full. You pound me. Breasts now completely out my bra. Your fingers pinching and pulling my nipple as we fuck. You feel im close. My pussy gripping you. Pulling you in. Holding you. With a scream of your name it takes over me. My body convulsing under you. You move till you have my arms pinned and you fuck me even harder. I cant stop. Wave after wave causing me to buck and writhe. I hear the growl low in your throat. Oh fuck youre going to fill me. “Give me it” i groan. You sink your teeth into my lip as i feel you spurt into me. I wrap my legs around your waist and hold you. Milking everything you have till you collapse onto me. Little kisses where your teeth were just moments ago.

I awake to find myself panting and aching for you…..