Thoughts Of You

Its far too warm. I throw the duvet off of my legs and yet the heat is still stiffling. The window is open and the fan is blasting. Its Scotland in July but this isnt heat that we’re use to. The effect its having isnt a good one either as my horn levels seem to be through the roof. My vest top and shorts are clinging to me so maybe the no underwear policy wasnt the best idea ive ever had. Should I do it? Should i sleep naked for the first time in my life? Oh fuck it! Im removing both! I discard them on the floor and lie back down. The air from the fan causing my nipples to harden. I brush my fingertip over it and i moan. The touch sending a shockwave to my already aching pussy. My mind instantly goes to you. Your voice. The need and desire i hear from you when you tell me have to have me. I feel my body reacting. I slide my hand over my stomach down to my swollen lips. Gasping as i tease them with my nail. Spreading my legs wider. My clit peeking through its hood and between my lips. Im lost in my thoughts now. The thoughts of you. Imagining its your finger. Slowly. Teasing me. I gasp. My clit now starting to pulsate. I slide my finger down further. I feel the wetness seep from me. Oh to have your voice in my ear. Growling you need me. You need to feel and taste my wetness. This isnt going to take me long but then again with thoughts of you swirling around in my mind it never does. I groan your name as i slide my finger in. So tight and warm. I hear how wet i am as my lips grip my middle finger as though it was yours. My mind goes to hearing you tell me to cum…telling me to cum for you….commanding my orgasm from me as its yours to have. Harder. Faster. A scream rising in my throat. Your name on my lips. Lifting my hips. Needing you. Aching for you. So close. I can feel my body losing control. Knees shaking. Breathless. Oh fuck yes………

I come down from the euphoria of thoughts of you. My orgasm coating my finger and oozing from me. You should be here. You should be tasting what you do to me and you know it…..


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