“Come here” he commanded. She knew instantly she would obey whether she wished to or not. He was her Sir and she was his…mind, body and soul. She lowered her eyes but not before catching that look in his eyes. That look that means shes going to be sore tonight but in the best possible way. She walks towards him. Only stopping when she sees his feet. “Look at me” he says in a whisper and she lifts her eyes warily as its something he never says. He puts his hand against her heart. He must feel it thumping. Not in terror but in anticipation. Their eyes meet and she gasps inwards as she knows better than to make a sound without permission. His eyes are black to the core. His hand moves up towards her throat and she doesnt move. She feels his fingers grip her and yet he still stares at her intently…watching her. Satisfied with whatever he sees in her eyes he kisses her. Not your fairytale, happily ever after kiss….a proper kiss. Hard, fast, lust filled and completely in control. She melts, as she does everytime her kisses her. His fingers using her to move her body backwards. She feels the hard wall behind her and stops against it. He removes his fingers as he stops the kiss. “Remove your clothes” he commands and she moves as quickly as she can. Everything discarded without grace and thrown to the side. Shes completely naked before him and he looks her over. The marks from last night now a nice shade and she sees a smile form on his lips as he reaches out and traces them with his finger. Over the bite mark on her breast. The little bruise caused by his fingers on her hip. And the best one of all….the little bite mark on the inside of her thigh. She can feel her body responding to him and yet hes barely touching her. His hands nudge apart her thighs and he runs his finger over where she needs him the most. Her juices on his fingertip which he then brings to her lips “taste yourself Belle” he says and she immediately complies. She knows how she tastes as he always has her do it. His fingertip just past her lips as she licks herself from him. His eyes still on hers he takes his finger out of her mouth and runs in down her body again. Abrubtly he stands back. “On your knees” he commands. The tenderness is over. She drops to her knees and lowers her head as is always the way. He walks away and returns with somethings in his hands. “Hands behind your back”. She instantly complies. He walks around her. She sees his black shoes and the bottom of his grey suit trousers. Her senses are heightened and she hears him pull his shirt out his trousers….the unmistakable sound of his belt buckle being opened and taken off. Her hands still behind her she feels his belt bind her wrists. He then pulls her to her feet and guides her to the bed. Her head still bowed he puts her on her knees on the edge of the bed, her head forward, cheeks in the air and wrists still bound. Her ankles hanging from the bed. Both her, sorry, his tight holes exposed. Her body is betraying her as it always does and shows her excitement. Her lips swollen and wet. She hears him walk away and when he returns his footsteps arent as heavy…hes removed his socks and shoes. She bites her bottom lip as she feels the cold leather run up the back of her thigh. He’s went for the crop. It hurts but it hurts oh so good. Her body betraying her even further as her juices start to drip. He doesnt utter a word as he runs the crop up her thigh, over her cheeks and down her other thigh. Teasing her. Tormenting her. He moves it to the inside of her thigh. Running it higher. Getting ever so close. She cant help herself……as the leather touches her soaked lips she gasps. He stops instantly. Oh No she thinks. She knows not to tense as it makes it worse. SMACK.. The sound of the crop hitting her cheek. One gasp means five smacks. SMACK. The other cheek. Biting her bottom lip even harder as to not add to it. SMACK. SMACK. One more. Just one more. SMACK. She feels both cheeks starting to sting. Such a conflicting feeling. It hurts but feels so goddam fucking good. She tastes the blood on her tongue from biting her lip as she feels his hand grab her ponytail. He wraps his hand around it and pulls her head back. As her back arches she feels him buried in her. Her body unprepared for the assault as theres no warning. Shes impaled on his shaft before she has time to breath out. He starts fucking her relentlessly. Hard, rough and just how she loves it. His hand pulling her hair till her neck is hurting. Her back arched. His other hand on her hip holding her exactly where the last bruise was which means it will be nice and fresh again in the morning. His cock feels like its splitting her. Pulling out of her and thrusting back in. She feels her orgasm building around him. She cant orgasm till he allows it. She holds it back. Her self control utterly immense as he doesnt stop. She hears his breathing intensify. That growl forming in the back of his throat letting her know hes close. “Cum now!” he growls and she releases herself onto him. Wave after wave engulfing his shaft as one last thrust in her sends him over the edge. His hot cum pumping into her. Spurt after spurt has her orgasming over and over. Finally he releases her. Her head falling forward as he withdraws from her. He opens the belt and lets her wrists fall. “Relax baby” he whispers and she instantly lets her body fall onto the bed. He moves behind her and pulls her to him. His arms making her feel safe and secure as he strokes her hair. This is what makes it all worth it. This it what has her giving herself to him the way she does. There is nothing in this world that has her feeling so wanted, loved and safe.


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