It was ten minutes to midnight and the new year was upon us. I looked around at all the smiling happy couples and realised that, once again, it will just be me, myself and I at the bells. I smile a wry smile. Nothing new there. Id gotten use to it the past few years. Yes i always feel lonely but i know it will pass. A boyfriend is for life not just for kissing at midnight i say to myself and i laugh. I dont realise ive laughed out loud till theres a tap on my shoulder. “Did i miss the joke?” a low voice enquires and i spin around. There is a 6ft gorgeous man staring back at me with the most amazing twinkle in his eyes. Oh how i wish id worn my high heels as im not short yet he makes me feel it. “Erm no” i stutter and blush. I look down and my feet and rush away. Well that was a good first impression! I look around as i reach the bar and cant see him anywhere. Just five minutes left now and im quickly trying to get the bartenders attention so i can atleast have a drink at midnight. Im not even remotely shocked to see all the young pretty girls getting theirs first. I attempt the “ample bosom” trick – still nothing. I hear someone say over the microphone theres just a minute to go and i find the nearest corner to hide away in. 10! 9! 8!……..I look up to see the handsome stranger infront of me and i gasp. 7! 6! 5! 4! He reaches for me and i cant move. I feel my body melt into his. 3! 2! 1! He kisses me. If there wasnt fireworks then there is now. His hand grabs my waist as his other hand goes up to my neck and grips my hair. He pulls my head back and lowers his lips to mine. Teasing me at first. His tongue dancing against mine and i feel myself move. He has me pinned to the wall. My arms move of their own free will and theyre around his neck. I can just about make out the background noise as all the blood is pumping through my veins. His scent filling my nostrils as he devours me with just a kiss. And then its over. He lets me go and i stumble as he walks away without so much of a backwards glance. I look around and no one noticed. Everyone is cheering and being merry as i search for the man who made my heart stop and restart in one swift movement. I continue my search for a while and then realise its getting late. I have to go home. I get my coat and tell my friends im going. Theyre understanding. They have that look of sympathy coupled friends get with their single friends. I leave the bar and try to hail a taxi. Mission impossible. I decide to give walking it a go as it is only 10/15 mins. I turn to my left and head up the street still keeping an eye out for an taxis. I hear footsteps behind me about 5 mins up the road and i speed up. They speed up as well and it makes me worry. I hear a car roaring up the street and i pray its a taxi. I turn around and its a black BMW. It screeches to a halt next to me, the window is put down and its the stranger. “Get in!” he says in a low growl and i just look at him. Who the hell does he think he is!!?? I stand up and go to walk away and i hear the footsteps behind me. I turn around as the stranger gets out the car. I see a man jump into a doorway and i get scared. “Get in NOW!” he says and i cant argue. Common sense takes over pride and i get in the car. As i put my seat belt on the stranger gets in and starts the engine. Nothing is said as he drives away from the pavement. I start to shake and he reaches over and puts the heating on. “Where do you live?” he barks at me. I cant figure out what ive done wrong as i tell him. His face scowling as he follows my directions. Within 10 minutes we’re outside my house. I go to get out the car and he turns to look at me. “Wait” he says in a low voice. “Im sorry”. I spin to look at him in confusion. “I was leaving the party when i saw you leaving. I waited to see if you got a taxi and when i saw you start to walk i couldnt believe it! I wasnt just going to drive away and leave you and as i was about to reach you i saw the man following you” he tells me in a low voice all the while looking into my eyes. His eyes have me mesmerised and i cant say anything. “Anger and, for some reason, fear took over and i acted out of instinct which is why i seemed abrupt”. I continue to look at him and in a shaky voice i reply “would you like something to drink?” He seems taken aback but nods his head. I get out the car and get to my door. I hear him lock the car and follow. I let us in and hit the lights. Its just a small house but it does me. I go to remove my coat and i see my hands are shaking. “Let me” he says and i just stand there as he removes mine and then his own. “You need a drink” he says walks to the kitchen up the hallway. The door is open which is how he can tell where it is. I hear him rummage through cupboards and within minutes hes back with a drink. I walk to the front room and turn on the lamp. I curl up on the sofa and he sits beside me and hands me the drink. “Here drink up” and as i do he watches. The alcohol burns the back of my throat and certainly does what its suppose to! I feel as though ive been sleeping and this wakens me. I look at him with clear eyes and the concern that was in his leaves them. “You okay?” he asks. “Yes” i say in a steady voice. “Sorry i suppose shock took over when i seen that man in the doorway. All the things that could have happened if you hadnt have came along flashed through my mind!” and the panic kicks in again! He leans forward and wraps his arms around me and pulls me tight. For some reason this calms me and i place my head on his shoulder. I sigh and he pulls me tighter. He falls back onto the sofa and takes me with him. Im half lying on him and he has his arms around me. My breath on his neck as i smell him. He still smells as good as he did earlier. I move closer and my lips touch his neck. I hear a sharp intake of breath from him as my lips barely graze him. I smile to myself as i now know i have the same effect on him as he has on me. Thats my last waking thought as sleep claims me.
I awake to find myself engulfed in arms and legs and a body pressed against me. It all comes flooding back quickly and i breathe a sigh of relief and then try and figure out as to how im going to move. Im trapped between him and the back of the sofa. My face is pressed against his chest and his legs are entwined in mine as his arms hold me tightly. Although mine are wrapped around him as well. I try to think of an escape route in the dark and i cant think of any!! Not that im complaining as this is surprisingly comfortable. I hear him moan in his sleep and he moves. Hes sliding down the sofa and his face is level with mine. I try not to breathe as he gets comfortable again. His face inches from mine as the memory of our kiss takes over my thoughts. I see the outline of his lips in the dark and they look so good. I bite my bottom lip to surpress the groan i feel building as the memory of his tongue teasing mine pops up. Oh i can feel it. The thought making my body react. My breathing quickens a little and im so tempted…so very tempted. His eyes fly open and i jump. “You ok??” he mutters sleepily. “Yes” i whisper “I just need a drink but didnt want to waken you”. “Okay” he mutters again and moves. He lies on his back and untangles himself from me. I realise i have to crawl over him and i dont relish the thought. I swing my leg over him and im practically straddling him as i place my hand on the sofa at the side of his head. As i go to lift myself up my hand slips and i come crashing down onto him. My breasts crushed against his chest. My body flat against his. My face inches from his as he grips my waist to stop me going completely. “Im so sorry” i gasp as i go to move. His hand moves up my back and up to my head. He looks up at me as his fingers grip my hair and he pulls me down to him. His other hand on the bottom of my back as his lips claim mine. Oh god its better than i remember. His tongue dancing against mine as he rolls me onto my side. My back now back against the sofa as the kiss deepens. I taste him as my arms go around his neck. I cant help but moan as his hand moves down to grip my ass and pull me to him. Hes now half lying on me and i feel his cock hard against my thigh. I want to touch it. I want to touch him. I realise that there are far too many clothes between us and i notice he thinks the same as his fingers go to the bottom of my top. He grips the bottom and i think hes going to start unbuttoning it when i hear “Ill replace this” and he kisses me harder as he rips it open. I dont have time to protest as his lips dont leave mine and i wouldnt have the breath to anyway. His hand now working its way up my stomach till he reaches my bra. “Damn” i hear him mutter as his lips leave mine. His thumb rubbing over the nipple protruding through the fabric whilst his other hand goes around my back to find the opening. I giggle as he struggles and he stops to look at me. “And whats so funny?” he asks with a smile as i reach to the front of my bra and pop it open. Hes about to say something but stops as my breasts spill out my bra. “Oh god” he growls and he lowers his head quickly to suck my nipple into his mouth. I gasp and the need to touch him takes over me again. Im alot more graceful that him and i reach for his shirt buttons. I open them and he moves to allow me easy access. When its open he takes it off and i run my hands over his bare shoulders, chest and back. I cant help but gasp when i feel the hair on his chest beneath my finger tips. His mouth is moving to my other nipple and i take that opportunity to reach for his belt. He stops and looks at me. His eyes black as night as he watches me open his belt, his button and unzip him. His finger teasing my nipple as i pull at his trousers. “Im going to need some help here” i giggle and he happily obliges. He stands up and i lie back and watch him take them off. Hes standing naked just inches from me and i tell him not to move as i sit up. I move to the edge of the sofa as i wrap my hand around his shaft. I hear him groan as i flick my tongue over the tip. He moves closer and grips my hair. Hes standing perfectly still as i run my tongue over him. Teasing and flicking his now throbbing shaft. Fuck he tastes so good. I take my hand from his shaft and move both my hands to the back of his thighs. I surprise him as i sink my nails in and suck him into my mouth. He throws his head back and growls as i take every inch of him into my mouth. I feel him pulsate as his tip hits the back of my throat. His precum oozing freely as i suck at him. Fucking his cock with my mouth as he starts to move his hips. I drag my nails up the back of his thighs to his ass and dig them deeper to urge him on. “Oh fuck” he growls as i continue to pleasure him. “Stop! Please….stop” he groans and pulls back. I look up at him in surprise and he drops to his knees infront of me. He places his hands at either side of my face and kisses me. Oh such a sweet kiss. Gentle. “One – ive just realised i dont know your name and two – if you had have kept that up i would have came and i have to taste you first.” he mumbles against my lips. I blush as i realise its true!!!! “Im Rosie” i mutter and he laughs. “Such a sweet innocent name for someone who has the lips of the devil” he says “Im Jamie and now that that is out of the way i have to taste you” and he pushes me back onto the sofa. His fingers go to my jeans and he looks at me as he opens them and peels them from my legs. My had instantly going to cover me and he stops me. He just continues to look as he leans forward and kisses my fingers one by one. Nothing is said as he places my hands at either side of me and his lips run down my stomach to the top of my panties. He lets go of my hands and hooks his fingers into the band of them. He pulls them down my thighs and the wet patch is visible for us both to see. He groans as they fall to my ankles. He lifts my leg and then the other. Im lying spread before him and he looks up at me with such a look that it takes my breath away. He lowers his head slowly and flicks his tongue over my wet swollen lips. I cant help but groan as he parts my lips with his tongue. My clit throbbing as he torments me. He pulls my body down the sofa further and he buries his head in me. His tongue darting over my clit and then into me. My hands go to his hair and i sink my nails into his scalp as i gasp his name. He continues to tease me as i feel my juices flowning. He must be soaked as he nuzzles against my shaven pussy! My orgasm building and his tongue in my tight hole. I lift my hips as it gets closer. Oh fuck its about to hit me. He stops!!! He actually stops!!! Before i can say anything he moves quickly and hes on his knees and his cock is in me. The orgasm that was building hits me. My legs wrap around his waist and hes fucking me and im fucking him back as my orgasm consumes my body. I scream with every thrust as it brings another and another. I hear him growl as his shaft is soaked me. It has taken over me and i dont want it to stop. I watch him through hazy eyes and he looks magnificent. Sweat glistening on him as we get harder and faster. “Im going to cum” he growls and my pussy clamps around him as i lock my ankles around his back. My hands find his and our fingers entwine as his orgasm starts to fill me. He throws his head back and growls so low that i feel it. My pussy taking every drop from him till he collapses backwards. The sweat dripping from us both. Breathless and full i slip from the sofa and im sitting infront of him with my legs still spread. I look at him and smile. He looks back at me and returns the smile. I dont know what to say and by the looks of it neither does he. We sit like that till we get our breath back. I go to speak and so does he and we both laugh. “Well Rosie, i dont know what you have planned for this new year but i certainly know what im going to do”. I look bewildered and he laughs again. That throaty laugh that melts my insides. “When we wake up beside each other in about 6 or 7 hours im taking us for breakfast and then im goinf to spend the rest of the year with you trying to beat what was the best sex ive ever had!” I have no option but to laugh and he leans forward and kisses me. “I have absolutely no objections to that” i say and he stands up. “Lets go to bed baby” and i stand up, take his hand and lead him to bed. He was right – we did go to breakfast and we spent to rest of our lives having much better sex but that night always makes up smile as it was the night he saved me in more ways than one.


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