Im sitting in the hotel room nervously playing with a lock of hair thats fallen out. Twirling it around my fingers watching the clock tick closer to 9pm when he’s due. Ten minutes and ill be in his arms. The time isnt doing me any favours as I wait. It seems to have stopped! My mind drifts to the first time he asked to meet. We’d been speaking for months before he worked up the courage as he knew it was something I didnt do. He was different though. Over 6ft tall, eyes that could make me melt and the dirtiest laugh i’d ever heard. He made me feel pure lust like id never felt before and i wanted him. It had taken a while to arrange as neither of us could get the time away from work and he had to travel to me but finally after 6 weeks he was on his way. Five minutes left. I cross my stocking clad leg for the hundreth time and giggle whilst remembering the conversation for earlier. How he told me that he’d checked us in under Mr and Mrs. The receptionist clearly knew i was lying when i said my “husband” was running late! The clock strikes 9 and i smooth the hem of my black dress and make sure no other hair has fallen out the pins. I hear footsteps in the hallway and my heart skips a beat. The knock at the door makes me jump, even though i was expecting it, and i stand up. My hand shaking as it reaches the handle i open it. I groan when i see him….he’d grown the stubble he promised he would. I take it his scruffy hair that i so desperately want to grab, his jacket, open white shirt and dark jeans and back to those eyes that are currently filled with the same look as mine….pure lust. Before i can say anything he takes the step between us and wraps one of his arms around my waist whilst his other hand goes to the back of my neck. He kisses me with such passion that it takes my breath away. My hands got to his hair and i hold on tight as he gets me away from the doorway and kicks the door shut. He moves me back against the door and, when he has me pinned, he removes the hand from my waist and runs it up my stocking clad thighs. I hear him moan when he reaches the top and finds i have no panties on. My hands move from his hair and i start to remove his jacket. He helps as my hand goes to his chest. We’d always said we’d do whatever we wanted and i do…i rip his buttons and rake my hands over him. The response i get is pure gutteral and he growls as his lips leave mine and move down my throat. I gasp as his teeth find my throat. I feel the marks already forming as the fingers under my dress trace my swollen wet lips. My fingers get to his belt and i open and unzip him. Sliding my hand in i moan as i feel the wetness already waiting on me. With his mouth on my neck my lips are free to taste and i bring me finger up to lick it clean. Now im aching for him even more!!! I wrap my hand around his shaft as he parts my lips and teases my clit. Unintentionally i move my hips and realise hes doing the same as i stroke him to the same rythmn he teases me. His mouth moves back up and i hear and feel his breath against my ear. “I have to have you….NOW!” he growls. “Take me then” i reply breathlessly and his hands grip my ass and thigh as i wrap it around his waist….thankfully i wore my heels! I guide him to me as he kisses me again. Arching my back as he thrusts into me. No softness…just passion and desire consuming us both. Our hips meeting. Biting and kissing till it hurts as our orgasms build. Im pretty sure that anyone walking past will know exactly what is happening but im beyond caring. “OOOOOOH FUUUCK YESSSS” i scream as my orgasm hits and he starts to fill me. I feel him shooting into me and i keep orgasming. Milking every last drop. Nails in his shoulders and down his back. Urging him on. Taking everything he has. When we both finally stop he slips from me, places his hands on either side of my face, kisses me gently and says “hello Belle”.


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