sunday afternoon

Standing doing the washing up thinking of how we spent the morning. Your fingers and mouth taking me to places I’d never been before. Screaming so loud Im sure the neighbours knew exactly what was going on! My cheeks get a twinge of red in them at the memory. You’re currently watching the football and I’ll be in to join you once I get these done as its not like you’ll do them i think to myself and smile. I hear footsteps behind me and i dont think anything of it as i presume you’re in for your second beer. I gasp as i feel your arms around me and your lips on my neck. You know what that does to me and my insides melt instantly. “Shouldnt you be watching the footie?” i ask as your hand works its way up my top. “Id rather watch you cum again” you replies in my ear and my nipples harden under his fingers. You presses your body against my back and i feel your cock hard against me. My hands are wet so i dry them on the towel next to the sink and go to turn around. I realise i cant move – you have me pinned! I hear you laugh that throaty laugh that means im in the best kind of trouble. Your hands lift my top over my head and pull down my trousers. I hear you groan when you see i have no underwear on. You entwine your fingers in my hair, pull my head to the side and nibble my neck as your fingers dance over my breasts and down my stomach to the place i need you the most. I moan and part my thighs as your finger runs over my swollen wet lips. Teasing me. Making me crave you. Your tongue running over my throat and neck as you part my lips and find my hard clit. Moaning your name now as you torment me. I can feel you throb against me and i want to touch!! I try to move again but you laugh. I love how strong you are but not right now! You release my hair. “Dont you dare move till i say so” you growl in my ear and i stay where i am. I feel your tongue running down my spine, along the bottom of my back and over my cheeks and i quiver. Your fingers grip my thighs “bend over” you command and i instantly comply. Fingers grip the sink, ass in the air and your tongue running up the inside of my thigh has me soaking. Your tongue stops just before it reaches its goal and I moan. “Please baby” i gasp as you stand up, unbuckle your jeans and they fall to the floor. “I need to have you too much” you growl as you grip my hips and ease your shaft into me. Oh god – no matter how many times i feel you it always takes my breath away. Stretching me to my limit as you start to move. Slowly at first. Getting harder. Faster. Feeling your balls banging off of me has them soaked. You grip my hair again and pull me round to look at you and the look in your eyes takes my breath away. Nothing but pure lust and desire. I groan and you stop. Oh fuck dont stop!! You smile that cheeky grin that made me want you in the first place and start again. It drives me crazy!!! My orgasm getting ever closer as we pick up the pace. I grip your pulsating shaft tight, arch my back and scream your name as it hits me. Wave after wave of orgasm covering you deep inside me. I hear you growl and you fuck me harder than ever before then you fill me. Oh i feel every last drop shooting into me. Milking you dry till we both collapse breathlessly on the kitchen floor. You pull me close and kiss me gently. I do love Sunday afternoons.


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