I see him across the bar. How can I not!? I felt his eyes in the back of my head and had to turn around. I wish I hadn’t. Those eyes were made for soul searching. Piercing blue and full of danger yet I felt my body react in a way it hadn’t before and I was curious. I had to know why I was reacting the way I was – getting breathless, cheeks getting warmer, goosebumps, sweaty palms and the scariest thing of all – the need to be touched all over. I saw him walk to the bar and wondered if he would approach me. Part of me wishing he wouldn’t yet the other part of me willing him to do so. My friend starts to speak to me and as I turn to give her my attention I lose sight of him and my heart sinks. “Don’t be so ridiculous” I say to myself “what could possibly make him want you?!” and I give myself a mental shake and go back to enjoying myself. Throughout the evening my mind shoots up a picture of his eyes. Its as tho they were burned into my memory but he was a stranger and I know ill never see him again. We move onto another pub with music and dancing and by now im tipsy and know I need to get home. I find my friend wrapped around some fella in the corner booth and signal to her that im leaving. She acknowledges me and I leave her to it. I know she’ll get home okay and ill get all the details tomorrow.

I stumble out of the nightclub and when im standing on the street about to hail a taxi I realise ive forgotten my coat! How stupid of me! The rain is belting down, the doors are locked and theres no taxis available. I find a doorway to the side of the pub and hide in it whilst cursing myself for being so stupid! I hear the roar of an engine approaching and dont leave the doorway as im already a little wet and it definitely doesnt sound like a taxi. I take my phone out to text my friend to lift my coat when I realise the engine didnt roar past. Infact I see the tyres of a bike parked at the kerb infront of me. Fear kicks in as I realise im all alone and theres a man getting off the bike!! Do I run? Do I scream? I make as though im about to phone someone when I look up and there they are – those eyes again. Those piercing gorgeous dangerous eyes but this time theyre not as dangerous as I remember. They look full of concern yet annoyance! “What are you doing??” a rough voice demands. I stare at him blankly. “Wheres your friend??” he asks. I continue to stare. Im in shock that, not only is he here, but he seems to be mad at me! My mind kicks in when I realise I should answer before he believes that im a complete idiot. “Shes inside and im going home…not that its any of your business!” I snap. My defences have gone up as he is a stranger, albiet a gorgeous one His stare has went from concern and annoyed to amusement. “Why are you smirking at me??” I ask. He says nothing and takes a step towards me. Hes about 3 feet from me and those eyes up close are hard to take. I feel my insides melt as he takes another step closer. Im about to speak again when he takes his coat off and puts it around my shoulders. I had forgotten about the rain and was now soaked through…brilliant! I realise I have to look up to say thank you. He must be over 6ft with short dark hair and not quite a beard and not quite stubble. Hes dressed in black – black shirt and jeans. “Thank you” I gasp as he looks down at me with none of the previous emotions in those eyes of his. There is a new emotion in them and it makes me tremble….lust. “Youre trembling” he says in a voice alot rougher than before. “Yeah, its cold” I reply – a wee white fib never hurt anyone! “Come, let me take you home” he says. “I couldnt possibly let you!” I say quickly. Speaking fast I continue to babble “Its a fair few miles and I wont have you going out your way. Ill wait on a taxi”. “No!” he growls and I look up at him again. “Either I take you home or youre coming to mine. Youre not standing here waiting for a taxi that may never come! Do you understand?” I can do nothing but nod as the tone of his voice had so many emotions coursing through my body yet none of them was fear as I knew that, for some reason, this man wouldnt hurt me. “Well we’ll compromise” I say “do you live far from here?”. “About 5 mins in that direction” he says as he points up a hill I hadnt even seen. “Ok, well ill come to yours and phone a taxi – deal? Then I can get dry and we’re both not standing here like idiots getting wet!”. I see him thinking about it and resignation shows on his face as he nods in agreement. Thats when it hits me that I have to get on the bike!! Oh bugger!! Right Jess, be a big girl and dont show him that the thought of this is your idea of hell!! C’mon you can do this. “By the way my name is Alex” he says as we walk towards hell aka his bike. “Im Jess” I say in a very low trembling voice. He glances at me “are you ok?” “yeah just freezing now” and I know he doesnt believe me but ill never admit. I watch him throw his leg over the bike and grip the handles. I know I can either stand here and get even more wet, which I dont think is possible, or get on the damn bike. Hes watching me and I can see its with amusement. With a deep breath I throw my leg over the back of the bike and press my self against his back. I wrap my arms around him alot tighter than I know I should but im beyond caring now as he starts up the bike. The vibrations course through my body and its causing me to shake even more. “Oh this is going to be a long 5 minutes” I mutter to myself and I swear I just heard him chuckle! The bike sets off at what feels like sonic speed. I swear im going to fall off. It takes everything I have not to scream! Ive never been so scared yet felt so safe. Holding onto Alex I close my eyes and put my life in his hands.

As much as I hate to admit it it did take 5 mins. As quickly as it began it was over. We pull up to a house and we park. I finally open my eyes yet dont release my grip on his waist. All I see is his back but I feel his chuckle against my arms as he tries to get off. I let go and fall to the side convinced im about to meet concrete! Just before I do I feel his arms around me and hes helping me off the bike. I dont understand how he moved so quickly but im too cold to ask. My glasses are too wet to take in my surroundings and I can barely see lights infront of me. I also seem to have sobered up fairly quickly! Alex still has his arms around me as he leads me to a door. He opens and lets us in. I move away and remove his jacket. “Thank you” I say through chittering teeth. I wipe my glasses on my top as he says “Im going to go put the heating on and see if I can find you something dry to wear – please go sit in here” and points to a doorway. I nod and walk into what I now know to be the living room. Im pleasantly surprised! Theres a big tv on the wall above a fake fireplace. Theres a cream fabric corner sofa and a rug infront of the fire sitting on a dark wooden floor. In the other corner theres a stereo system that makes me jealous! Its amazing and I see the surround sound on the walls. Oh im so tempted to touch it but knowing me ill break it. I see a door leading elsewhere but its closed. Theres no clutter or mess – unlike my home! Its cosy and warm and I look at the sofa in apprehension. I dont want to sit down and mark it with my wet clothes so I hover about hoping he wont be long! I hear movement and turn around. Hes standing in the doorway and oh wow he looks delicious. Hair dishevelled as hes tried to dry it and hes changed his clothes. Light shirt open to reveal a trail of hair that disappears into the waistband of the jeans that hang on his hips and he has bare feet. I finally get back to his eyes and I see the glint of amusement in them. I also notice that in his hand he has some clothes and a towel. He hands me them and tells me the bathroom is down the hall to the left. “thank you” I reply and take them from him. I go to walk past him and he stays in the doorway forcing me to brush against him. Oh he smells so good and my heart skips a beat. I breath in but it doesnt stop my breasts brushing against his chest and I hear him take a sharp intake of breath. I dare not look into his eyes as I scurry down the hallway. I take the first door on the left and ive found the bathroom on the first go! Just a toilet and sink which makes me think theres a bigger bathroom elsewhere, probably upstairs. Its big enough to get changed in and unfortunately for me theres a mirror! Oh my word I look ridiculous!! Hair, which was lovely hours ago, now curled and sticking out like ive suffered an eletrecution, eye liner running, clothes stuck to me. Im surprised he didnt just leave me looking like this on the street! I quickily peel off my top and skirt as im freezing. Underwear and boots gone also. I place my bra and panties on the radiator, which now has heat, and will put that on before I leave in the taxi. I pick up the clothes he gave me and see a tshirt and sweats. He even gave me socks which have never been more appreciated! I quickly dry my hair with the towel, not even caring that it looks that the way it does as why should I? I was the left over make up from my face. I pull his tshirt over my head and as im cold my nipples instantly harden as the warm dry fabric hits them. Its a little tight but theres nothing I can do about it. Lastly I pull on the sweats and socks and look in the mirror. I really shouldnt have looked in the mirror! I look like a plain girl way out of her league. A knock at the door scares me and I jump. “You ok in there?” Alex shouts. “Sorry, yes im fine, ill be out now” and I pick up my wet clothes, unlock the door and open it. I look at my feet as I cant bring myself to look up. “Here let me take those, ill put them in the dryer” he says and as his fingers touch mine I gasp and look up. Theres those blue eyes again and I cant move. I physically cant move. My eyes on his. His fingers against mine. I bite my bottom lip and his eyes moves to my lips. I feel my breath coming in short gasps and I see his eyes darken as they move back to mine. He smiles at me “would you like a drink Jess?” I just nod as he takes my clothes from me and walks up the hallway whilst telling me to go back to the sitting room. Now me being me I cant help but follow. I really shouldnt but for some reason I be me! I follow up the hallway and walk into the kitchen. Now this is a kitchen! Instantly my eyes go to the island in the middle where the food is clearly prepared as above it there pots and pans hanging from ceiling. The counter is black marble as are the rest. Big American fridge and freezer dominates a wall. Very male. The cabinets white. Stunning. I notice Alex putting my clothes in the dryer concealed by one of the cabinets. He looks over his shoulder at me standing there. “Do you ever do as youre told??” he asks in a low voice “erm…well…depends on whos telling me and what ive to do!” I throw back at him. He stands up slowly and walks towards me. I dont move and stare at him as my body reacts to him approaching me. Cheeks are flushed. Breasts heaving. That need to be touched has came back!! Oh I hope it isnt noticable!! He stops inches from me and looks me up and down. I know what he sees. He sees what I did. Nothing special or spectacular. But when his eyes comes back to mine im shocked at what I see in them. Its how I feel looking back at me. It takes me by surprise and I step back. “Oh no you dont” he growls at me and I freeze. He reaches me in one stride and puts his hand on the wall I didnt realise was behind me and leans in. “Say the word and ill stop before I even begin” he whispers into my ear “Say it and ill phone you a taxi and let you leave. If you dont say it we both know whats going to happen. Infact you have no idea whats going to happen as you dont fully understand just how much ive wanted you from the moment I saw you in the bar” I cant breath. I can feel his breath in my ear and its taken away any thoughts I could possibly form. Ive only just realised that his left hand is on my hip and he has me pinned with his knee between my thighs. Does he know I have no panties on?? “Say something or im going to take nothing as a yes” he groans and I move my hands to his chest as though to push him away. His chest is warm under my fingers and as my fingertips brush against him I hear him take a sharp intake of breath. Any thoughts I had of going are completely removed from my mind and I know whats going to happen. I cant stop myself . I dance my fingertips over the hair underneath them. Little slow feather touches. His breathing is getting shallow in my ear. I cant believe I can have this effect on someone and im only barely touching them! I feel his knee moving against me and I give an involuntary moan. Im guessing hes taken that moan as a yes as before I have time to think he has both my hands above my head and his lips are on mine. Oh he even tastes delicious. His tongue teasing mine as he presses his body against me. Now im not small in anyway yet he makes me feel tiny as he presses against me. One of his hands holding mine as the other runs down the side of my face, down my throat and over the front of his tshirt. He stops when he feels my nipple hard against it and I swear I feel him smile as he kisses me. His lips never leave mine as his thumb moves over my nipple. Teasing me. Making me moan and gasp as it gets even harder. The need to touch him, make him feel the way I do is taking over and I try to move my hands. He bites my lip and I gasp as he pulls away. “Now now Jess, be a good girl” he says. I just look up at him in awe. “Why are you looking at me like that?” he askes confused. “I just dont understand why” I reply as I look down at my feet currently being kept warm by his socks! He steps back and I look up in surprise. “Why?” he asks. Oh go Jess youve went and ruined an amazing moment by being yourself! I feel so embarassed that I cant face him and I make a run for the toilet. He reaches me before I get to the door and wraps his arms around me. My face buried in his neck as my arms go around his waist and his arms go around me holding me to him. I feel his beard against my face and I can smell him. My breathing regulates and I relax against him. He doesnt say anything but just holds me. I melt into his body and it feels so good. His hands start to run up and down my back and I cant help but moan. It feels so good. Ive been so absorbed in myself its taken me a moment to realise I can feel his cock harden against me. I gasp and against my better judgement I move closer to him if thats even possible. Need, want and desire takes over. I dont care why this gorgeous man wants me. All I care is that he does and the evidence of that is very clear. If he wants me and I want him then he can have me. He notices the change in my body. Theres no longer any resistance or doubt. He pulls back. Takes me by the hand and walks towards the staircase. I follow him up and nothing is said as he opens a door and it leads to the bedroom. A kingsize bed dominates the room. I dont take in anything else as he keeps my hand in his and walks towards it. He moves so that my back is to the bed and im standing infront of him. “I cant promise that this time is going to be long and slow as I have to have you but after that I will savour every inch of you” he says in a low rough voice and with that he pounces. I dont have time to acknowledge it as he pins me back on the bed. Ive barely taken a breath and he has my clothes off. He groans as he parts my thighs and cups my pussy. Even I can feel the heat as he slips his finger into me. I arch my back and gasp. “im sorry Jess but this is going to be quicker and rougher than I thought” he says with a smile as he sits up and undresses himself just as quickly. I dont have time to look him over as hes between my thighs and his cock is resting against my swollen lips. I look up and see those piercing blue eyes darken over as he parts my lips and slides into me. Oh fuck. I feel him throb as he savours me taking ever inch. Oh so slow. He said it was going to be quick but this feels like time has stopped. All I know is if it has then please dont ever restart. When hes finally buried deep in me he leans forward and kisses me gently. My fingers trace his spine as I wrap my legs around him. None of us move. I groan as he nibbles my lips, my chin, my neck and my throat as his hand cups my breast as though tasting me. “Now to do want ive wanted to do from the moment I saw you – make you mine” he growls. He bites my neck as he starts to move. Hard. Fast. Need and desire taking over. I match his rythmn. Our hips meeting as he leans up onto his arms. My juices now soaking us both. “oh fuck Alex” I gasp breathlessly. “yes Jess” he growls as he slams into me. I can feel my orgasm already building. My nails go to his chest just and I do what he done to me – I mark him. It urges him on and I watch him. I feel him stretch me. I know hes close as am I. “Im going to cum Alex!!” I scream and with one final thrust it hits me. More powerful than I imagined and it competely takes over my body. I cant stop and wave after wave hits me as I hear him growl my name and he starts to fill me. I can actually feel him shoot into me and I never want it to stop. I milk every last drop from him just as he collapses onto me. Both of us breathless as his cock stays in me. I wrap my arms and legs around him and snuggle into his neck as he falls onto his side taking me with him. I feel so sleepy all of a sudden and feel myself drifting off to sleep with him still in me.
I awake with a start. That moment where you forget where you are for a second and it takes you a moment to realise. Its still dark so I cant have been sleeping long. I also realise I cant move! Alex still has his arms wrapped around me and im crushed firmly against his chest. Well this is a first – ive awoken in the same position I fell asleep in. I peek up and I see the outline of his face. Its so soft when hes asleep. He looks at peace and I really dont want to disturb him. I cuddle back into him and wrap my arms around him again. “What do you need?” he asks in the quiet and I squeal in shock! I though he was sleeping and now feel bad that I woke him. “Nothing” I mumble against him “sorry ive woke you”. “Ssssssh” he mutters sleepily as he moves me onto my back. His head on my breast, arm around my waist and his leg thrown over mine. I can do nothing so surrender to it and turn a little so that my leg goes betweeen his thighs and I can get both my arms around him. I feel his breath on my breast and I try to stop my body from reacting but of course it betrays me and my nipple hardens. I see his eyes are still closed so let out a sigh of relief. I want him to stay whre he is so I can admire him. My fingers are at the nape of his neck tracing where his hair ends as I look at him. His eyes may be closed but those eyes are still burned into me. Perfectly shaped nose and those lips – made for making me melt. His stubble now brushing against me as he shifts to get comfortable. When that happens his lips are an inch from my nipple! Oh dont move Alex I say to myself or he’ll know the reaction my body has to him. His hand now flat on my back. I feel it getting lower and wonder to myself “hmm has he really went back to sleep or is he toying with me!?” His hand keeps getting lower and I hold my breath. He finds the curve of the bottom of my back and his finger follows it. I let out the breath I was holding and wait to see what he does next. He did say he would make me his so im going to let him. His head moves closer to my hard nipple and his tongue starts to circle it. My fingers on the back of his neck move to the top of his spine and he moans as they dance over him. He sucks my nipple into his mouth and I gasp. All the while his hand has been going lower and hes now gripping my cheek. He Moves slowly this time. Moving me till im flat on my back and all the while his mouth never leaves my nipple. Hes between my thighs lying on my stomach. My hands go to his hair and move through it as his hand runs up the outside of my thigh and up to the curve of my waist. Little moans escape me when he starts to suckle my other nipple which has been feeling left out. He takes turns as his hand runs over me. I savour every touch. Its feels absolutely amazing and I realise that this isnt “fucking” – hes going to make love to me and I cant wait. His mouth leaves my breasts completely and they move down to my stomach. My hands instinctively go to cover it. “No Jess” he mumbles against me “I want to see and taste all of you” and he removes my hand. “Relax baby” he moans as his lips move even lower. I feel them run past my belly button and down to the top of the part of me that is aching for him. He sits up on his knees and looks down at me. I can see the outline of him in the dark but I cant make out the look in his eyes and that worries me because I can read everything in someones eyes. I neednt have worried as he tells me “Fuck Jess you have no idea just how good you look lying there waiting on me!” he growls and he leans forward to place a kiss on the inside of my thighs. I gasp as his beard rubs against me and jump a little. He continues to kiss me. I feel myself getting wetter for him. His teasing and tormenting making me want him even more. He finally reaches where I want him and he gently runs his tongue over my wet swollen slit. “Oh Alex yes” I moan breathlessly as he parts my lips to find my hard clit sticking out its hood just begging for his tongue. He happily obliges and sucks it into his mouth. I instantly get even wetter and grip his hair. My nails raking his scalp as he kisses my clit like he did to me. He toys with me for a while and then moves his tongue down to my drenched hole. He dives in, for lack of a better word, and slips his tongue deep into me. I feel his growls vibrating through me and already my orgasm is building. I cant believe the effect this man has on me! I grip his hair and lift my hips. His hands move under my thighs and his fingers sink into my cheeks as I ride his tongue. He doesnt stop. His nose rubbing against my pulsating clit as he licks and fucks me. “Oh god Alex im going to cum!!!” I scream and he gets faster!! “OH FUCK!!” I squeal as my orgasm rips through me. My juices soaking him yet he keeps going! My legs now thrown over his shoulders and my heels in his back. Hes still growling against me as it rakes my body. I feel like it isnt even me! Its not stopping as his tongue laps up my juices. It finally subsides and he flicks my clit with his tongue and I gasp and try to move away. “Oh I dont think so” he laughs and I try to sit up to look up and him but its still too soon – im melted to the bed!! I smile at him in the dark and he leans forward and kisses me. The taste of me on his lips makes me groan. The kiss started softly but it getting deeper, more passionate. His arms are the side of my head and his fingers entwine in my hair as he positions himself so that his cock is resting against my slit. My nails are running over his shoulders and back as he runs one of his hands down my face, over my breast and down to my thigh. He grabs me, kisses me forcefully and thrusts into me. Im so wet I take him easily and bite his bottom lip as I do. This time im going to make him mine! I move quickly and put him onto his back without him ever leaving me. His eyes fly open as I pull back. I smile at him innocently and sit up. “Oh like that is it!?” he says with a smirk. “Definately” I reply breathlessly as I lean back so that my ass is rubbing against his balls. “Do with me what you will” he groans. I reach around and massage his balls and I feel his cock throb inside me. “Im going to!” I say quickly as I let go and fall forward. My hair, now dry, brushes against him. My hard nipples rubbing against the hair on his chest. My lips find his as he grips my hips. I kiss him slowly. Teasing him with my tongue. Licking my juices from his lips. He tries to make the kiss deeper but I dont allow it. My lips move down his chin, his throat and his neck. He tastes so good and smells of me and that is a turn on! I slowly move my hips as I nibble at him. Little marks appearing on his neck and throat. Hes so hard in me hes stretching me to my limit and my juices are freely flowing from me. I sit up and place my hands on his chest. I rake his hair with my nails as I start to get faster. Riding him as he watches me yet im not even worried about turning him off as his throbbing cock buried balls deep in me is showing me how much he wants me. I place my palms firmly on his chest and smile down at him as I lift myself off of his cock and slowly slide back onto it. “Oh fuck Jess, if you keep that up I wont last much longer!” he growls and thats all the encouragement I need to keep doing it. Long slow strokes on his cock. He grips at my hips and holds me as I do so. His moans and groans letting me know how close he is to filling me and I want every drop! I speed up. Wanting, no needing him in me. “Baby im going to cum!!!” he gasps and I sit up and start to ride him as hard as I can. His hips meeting mine forcefully and my orgasm builds. “Fill me Alex!” I moan and he obliges. I hear him growl so low it sends me over the edge and as he starts to shoot into me my orgasm hits his shaft. “Fuuuuuck!!” he moans and I keep riding him. Both of us orgasming as he pulls me down to him to kiss me hard. I can feel him in me and my convulsing pussy milks every last drop from him as we kiss just as hard. When it subsides hes still kissing me as though he never wants to let me go and im kissing him back the same.

Im breathless and spent and I try to move from off of his chest but he wraps his arms around me and keeps me in place. “I must be hurting you!” I moan. “I promise youre not, youre not as big as you think you are and I can certainly handle you lying here!!” he snaps. “Sorry” I mutter and he sighs. “Jess, after everything thats happened in the last few hours I should be the one apologising” he says in a low voice. I sit up and he lets me. I move to the side of him, his cum now running out of me onto my thighs and it feels so good but I try not to think of it as I look at him in the dark. “Why??” I demand. Alex turns to me and I lie down next to him. Our faces inches from each other as he takes a deep breath. “I…..” he begins and stops. I just keep looking at him and wait on him finishing. “I should tell you that I watched you all night. From the minute I saw you in the pub I knew I had to have you but I was worried” he mutters quietly. “Why would you be worried?” I ask just as quiet. Alex takes a a deep breath and says “Because I knew I wanted to make you mine and ive never had that before. It scared me” I move closer to him. My lips barely touch his as I say “Well now that youve had me what do you want to do with me?”. “Have you again” he growls and moves stealthily on top of me and kisses me hard. He takes my breath away as I melt under him. Even after all the times hes kissed me I still react the same way but I need to know whats going to happen next. My girly thoughts take over and against my better judgement I move my mouth away. “Alex?” I mutter. He groans but stops. “I know what youre doing” I say as I look up at him “I know you dont want to answer but I have to ask…..is this nothing more than a one night stand?” Thankfully he cant see my face, due to the darkness, as I have a feeling my eyes show my fear of his answer. He makes me wait. And wait. None of us moving as his brain tries to get his mouth to say what hes thinking. “No, I dont want this to be a one night stand Jess.” he says so low that I can barely make him out. “I done it all wrong” he says as he moves off of me and sits up. He gets off the bed and puts on a little light I never seen on the table. The light hits him and I groan. I cant help it as, this may be a serious conversation, but he looks so damn good! Concentrate Jess!!! He sits on the edge of the bed and I reach for the duvet. I wrap it around myself and sit up to look at him. “As I said I saw you in the pub” he starts. “I saw you and was going to buy you a drink but your friend took your attention and I didnt want to interrupt so I just sat back and waited. I went to the toilet and, when I came back, youd left!! I ran out the pub looking for you and saw you get into a taxi so I jumped on my bike and followed you” He looks at me to gauge my reaction and I can only imagine what he thought as big shocked eyes looked back at him! I couldnt form a sentence as I cant believe this gorgeous man wanted me so much he couldnt bare to not speak to me so followed me! “Please finish” I manage to choke out. He blushes. He actually blushed right infront my eyes and I smile. So very cute. H emoves closer up the bed and puts his hands in mine. “I watched you go into the pub and could see you were getting tipsy and I was worried as your friend seemed even worse so I waited outside. I knew it was close to chucking out time so I waited. When I seen you come out, not only alone but without a jacket I was fuming hence why I seemed a bit snappy earlier. I couldnt let you get a taxi. I would never have seen you again and the thought of that was too much to bare so….here we are” he finishes. None of us say anything for a moment or two. Just looking at each other. I take my hands from him and he grimaces. I smile at him, place my hands on either side of his face and lean in. “Thats is by far the sweetest thing ive ever heard” I whisper and I kiss him. Its nothing like the previous kisses. Its soft, sweet, gentle and has every feeling I have for him poured into it. He seems shocked at first. Not sure how to react. Tentative. Then he realises that being open and honest has gotten him what he wanted – her and in that moment he knows that he’ll never let her go but even better – she doesnt want to go.


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