Lying in bed my mind wanders. I think of you. I think of how you smell. How you taste. How you feel. How you groan at my touch. It may be Valentines weekend but you were called out to work hence why im lying here thinking of you and not with you. I always knew it would be a possibility yet it doesnt stop the disappointment of not being wrapped in your arms. Its nearly midnight so the day is almost over. I snuggle under my duvet even further as it may be February but its still cold! I feel myself drifting off and you’re my last thought. I awake to the sound of the dog growling. Its pitch black and I hear the gate outside close. Footsteps coming up the path…heavy footsteps. My heart leaps when I hear the key go in the door. you’re home!  I jump out of bed as you walk through the door. You’re trying to be quiet and I smile. “Hello baby” I whisper and you turn around and I run into your arms. “Im so….” you start and I dont give you a chance to finish as I place my lips on yours and kiss you with everything I have. Your strong familiar arms, that I missed so much, wrap around me. I sigh in contentment as you back me into the wall and press your body against me. Your tongue teasing mine as my fingers go to the nape of your neck. I hear you groan and I melt. Your hands run down my back, over my ass and down to the hem of my nightie. I feel your fingers grip my bare thighs and my nails rake your neck. Need and desire is consuming us both. My fingers leave your neck and move to your jacket. I unzip it and it falls to the floor. I start to work on your buttons and you stop my hands. I pull back and look at you in surprise. You smile that smile that makes my insides turn to liquid and you lean in to me. “I have to taste what ive been thinking of non stop all day” you whisper against my lips and I gasp. You fall to your knees infront of me and lift the bottom of my nightie up slowly. Your hands carressing my thighs as you plant kisses on my skin. I grip your hair as your lips reach where I need you the most. Your fingers sink into my flesh and you run your tongue over my swollen moist slit. I almost orgasm instantly as your tongue parts my lips and you suck my hard clit into your mouth. I feel your growls vibrating through me and my knees start to shake. My orgasm so close as your tongue works its way down to my tight wet hole. You lift my leg of your shoulder and you bury your face in me. Your nose rubbing against my throbbing clit as you taste me. I moan your name as I move my hips against you. Your hands now on my ass holding me as close as you can as my orgasm takes over my body and you feel it run over your tongue and down your throat. I tremble against you as you place kisses on me. You stand up, taking my nightie off as you do, and kiss me deeply. Tasting myself from you as my hands go to your waistband. I have to have you. You wrap your arms around my waist and, without breaking the kiss, you guide us to the bedroom. I have your belt undone and your zip. I feel the bed against the back of my knees and I break the kiss and sit down. I slide your trousers and boxers off your hips and smile up at you as your hard cock stands inches from my lips. Precum already oozing from the tip. I lean forward and place my lips on you. You groan that groan that makes me want to hear more and I suck you into my mouth. Every last throbbing inch of you filling me and hitting the back of my throat. One of your hands grip my hair and I look up at you to see where the other is and you’re removing your shirt. Dark eyes watching you makes you pulsate and ooze even more. I wrap my tongue around your shaft and you start to move your hips. Oh how I missed this i think whilst looking up at you naked before me. As much as I adore your cock in my mouth I need you elsewhere. I slide you out of my mouth, move back on the bed and wait on you. You fall forward and crawl up me. Your eyes never leaving mine. My hard nipples brushing against your hairy chest makes me moan. You keep coming…closer…closer….your cock now resting against my soaked pussy. My breasts crushed between us. You’re still looking at me as though you havent seen me in forever. I smile and wrap my arms and legs around you causing your cock to part my lips. We both moan as


your shaft slides into me oh so slowly. One of your hands on my neck and the other stroking my hair. We start to move. Eyes never leaving the others. Slowly. Savouring every movement. I feel my orgasm building again. So intense. Your shaft pulsating in me as my pussy grips you tight. Little moans escaping my lips. Breathless. Nothing else matters but having you here, now. My orgasm courses through my body. It consumes me. I pull you tighter and kiss you as it hits me. Our speed hasnt changed as it flows down your shaft and soaks us both. I hear you growl against my lips and you fill me. My orgasming pussy milking every last drop from you. I run my nails down your spine as you bite my lip. When it finally stops you look at me that way that makes me realise im the luckiest woman in the world….the look that says you’re mine and I am yours.


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